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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Curse Of Sedona


When I graduated high school my parents took me on a vacation to Sedona, AZ before heading off to college. We stayed in a beautiful condo, had a great time together. And then the curse of Sedona hit. My dad stepped off of a sidewalk - walking normally - and broke his foot. We spent hours at the ER exraying, getting a cast and helping hobbling dad into the car.
Next thing you know, the night before leaving Sedona and heading to L.A. for my college orientation. We all come down with the stomach flu. Puking galore. Since I absolutely had to be in LA in 2 days we packed the car - sick and all and headed towards California. In my Toyota Tercel. In 125 degree weather. With no air conditioning. And black vinyl seats. With the stomach flu.

I am still scarred by this memory.

Fast forward 13 years. My dear friend Rachel got married about a week ago and Red was her flower girl. Choice of destination: Sedona. Don't get me wrong. Sedona is gorgeous. The red rock is stunning and something worth seeing. Unless you have been touched with the Curse.

On the drive out (I carpooled with my kids and my parents) we stopped un Yuma for Dairy Queen. DQ - a road trip MUST, yeah for Dilly Bars. As we are standing in line I notice that Boo has spit up. So I started to walk towards the bathroom to clean it up. When he does it again. By the time we get into the bathroom he has become the Exorcist baby. It is everywhere. I am not exaggerating when I say EVERY surface of the bathroom is covered. The floor, the walls, the toilet, the sink, my entire body and his. Even our shoes. It was bad my friends.

My mom popped her head in to check on us and was horrified. The Curse....

After that we had a pretty quiet vacation. We swam, saw a movie, celebrated Red's 6th birthday, enjoyed the wedding. Until the last day of our trip. It hits.

Vincent wakes up puking. Then Brady gets it too (again). We decided to stay an extra day so that we could avoid car vomit. But who should start the whole thing again on the drive home? Red.

I have seen more puke in the last week to last me a life time. At least we made it back with no broken bones. But Sedona is on my list of places NEVER to step foot in again.

Dear Sedona: Message received.


Anonymous said...

That is so gross! There is not enough hand sanitizer in the whole world. Sorry!!!! That is the worst stomach flu story ever. Love you! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Love Shan

Dr.John said...

What a horrible story. The curse of Sedona . One has to wonder why it hit twice so far apart. You must have some kind of family allergy to something there.

Ginny said...

That is really gross. At least you had your parents there to help you. Hope you're all well now.

Caro said...

What if the military changed their mind and stationed your husband in Sedona? LOL