We can do it

Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh Mom.

After school today, Stinky and I both were in a good mood. He had not been sent to the director's office for once ALL DAY and I was proud.

Mommy: Stinky, do you know what makes me happy?

Stinky: Love?

Mommy (heart swelling): Yep. You know what else?

Stinky: Hugs and kisses make you happy!

Mommy (almost in tears): Yep. But what makes me super duperiest happy?

Stinky: Hmmmm....I know...Dresses make you happy!

Mommy (giggling): Sure do bud...sure do. But what makes me super dooper duperiest of all?

Stinky: I don't know!

Mommy: Having you be my little boy of course!

Stinky (blushing) : Hee hee....oh mom...


Dr.John said...

I bet that made his day. Parents should tell their children how important they are more often.

Mr. Grouchy said...

Pretty insightful for the tot to know women want new clothes. That answer be hard for a 3 yr old to guess. next time try: who is stronger, spiderman or superman? I sense that he wants to see that new panda movie, reading the tea leaves. Keep soda away from him, too.

Anonymous said...

That made me cry! I miss you guys! All my love.

Caro said...

Awwww, Little boys are the best.