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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is my face red?

Last night I had a surreal experience. I came home after running errands and my husband said, "Hey, you got a weird email...." (smirk on his face). I glance over and I gasp...

Of all people in the world, who should have found my blog and left a comment? None other than my very first crush from childhood. As if that is not funny enough, me being me of course, wrote about him on my blog. Which is OF COURSE the post he found. (Hi Lance! ***me waving like a dork***).

I look at Dan who I can see is terribly amused as he sees my face ACTUALLY turning red. I laughed so hard and said, "I am 31 years old and I am totally embarrassed!!" (Don't let that fool you, really - I still am in my early twenties...really!!! It just slipped out)

Anyway, it was a wonderful surprise and the comment he left, as Dan put it, was very classy. And sweet. (So if you stop by again Lance...leave your email, I'd love to chat).

And so I will leave you with this little tidbit along with a little bit of my dignity because that is what I do...

I remember being in Kindergarten and my mom sometimes dropped me off at Lance's house so his mom could watch me for a while before school. (I did afternoon kindergarten). I have hair that is straight as a pin, so my mom used to put those spongy pink rollers in my hair at night...you know the ones you see on frumpy housewives wearing a robe and bunny slippers?? Yeah...me...age 6. I always loved the curly hair...did not love? Lance seeing me with the spongy curlers. I would have a fit. Mom never understood what is was about. I knew she had ruined my chances of dropping to his knee and proposing right then at a ripe age of 6 and a half. Well...just another thing to tell my therapist I suppose.

But then again, my mom may need some therapy of her own. When I called to tell her about it she said, "You're so lucky! Your first crush looks you up and tells you he liked you too. Timmy Roper....never saw me for dirt."

Now if you dare...who was your first crush?


Caro said...

I had several crushes.

I loved the boys, I did.

Here is the laundry soap link.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I was so crazy about this HAWT guy in high school (talk ABOUT losing some dignity...who am I kidding? I have NO shame!) I tried to ask him out. However....I would get so embarassed I could never get past, "So....what are you doing this weekend?" What I didn't realize (due to my HIGHLY dorky giggling and fire engine red hue to my ENTIRE BODY) is that each time he would answer "I am going out of town."

When I saw him a few years later, we both had a good laugh when he told me he thought I might have been special....because I could not understand his answer. NICE!

Oh...and then he asked me to go home with him! I did a little happy dance, thanked him for the compliment, polited refused, and spent the rest of the night on cloud nine!

PS: Dorky is the new cool! :)

stacy said...

My first crush I was a boy named Troy. He was tall, medium skinned, and cute cute cute. I was in sixth grade. MMMMMMMMMM . . . crushes.....

Ginny said...

My first crush was probably Chris. He was in one of my 7th grade classes. I used to ride my bike to his house and watch his band in his garage. He played the bass. He never really had a girlfriend all through school so I think he was just a late bloomer. His loss!