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Friday, May 02, 2008

Arbonne Detox - the good the bad and the ugly

Ok, so day 4 or the Arbonne 7-day Body Cleanse was a little rough. Probably the roughest day of all for me. Which is different than most other people that I talked to about it. I felt like I had an "off" stomach all morning. I tried to work out, but didn't get too far into it. It was a pretty intense Billy Blanks workout though. I was probably being too ambitious.

Also, to keep good score, I did have a few caffeinated drinks which you are SUPPOSED to avoid. I ate a bunch of fiber too, so along with a cleanse will probably just exacerbate the trouble.

I was a little stressed out last night and didn't sleep great. But I can't attribute that to the detox. To be honest, I probably slept better that I would have under the stress I was carrying had I not been doing detox.

Another bonus, I was stagnant for WEEKS at the same weight and I have started moving down on the scale again. I'm sure that is in large part because the bulk of food doesn't stay in my system for long, so the weight loss may be temporary? I am hoping it just gave my body a jump start and I can start losing again. I am now down 13 lbs total. (Not from the detox, mind you, just from when I started my WW program).

Bonus # 3, by "mommy belly" is not nearly as pronounced. I don't have pre-baby belly either and I did not magically grow a six pack. But the, I've-had-3-kids-and-will-permanently-look-4-months-pregnant belly is reducing. Maybe only 2 or 3 months pregnant now. LOL.

Those who don't want gross personal details - just stop reading now.

Yesterday was lots of pooping. It's all very loose at this point. Not uncontrollable diarrhea, but it is frequent. I had a bunch of cramping yesterday, but I didn't drink enough water and I am sure the lethargy was due to my not eating much protein. Bad combo. Keep in mind, the cramping is fairly mild and is just a warning you are going to poop soon. Some detoxes don't give you an advanced warning system and you will be doubled over in cramping.

If you decide to do this, don't skimp on cheap toilet paper. You use alot and your bum will get raw. That was an unfortunate discovery.

All in all it has not been a bad experience so far. I am waiting for a burst of energy that I have heard comes on day 6 or 7. Today is day 5. Nothing major to report this morning. Except I am down nearly 3 lbs. Woo hoo!

For those of you who are OVER my journey through the bowels of Arbonne, hang in there. Only 3 days left.


Jez said...

Well I am happy for you that you have lost weight! Way to go! I know how hard it is. I am on day of the South Beach Diet. Last time I did it I lost 12 in 2 weeks. And 12 is exactly what I wanna loose so I am hoping I do that again. I have also started working out again and I feel great and sleep better from that too. Hang in there. And yeah, going a lot or not, cheap toilet paper just plain sucks.

Caro said...

Your honesty cracks me up.

Poor bum.

Dr.John said...

Now you are starting to scare me. The last thing I want is to be doubled up with cramps.

Melinda Zook said...

I have been wondering about this product. Cool to hear the real nitty gritty as gritty as it may sound. Thanks!

Jimmy said...

thanks for sharing! i'm currently at the end of day 2 myself.

Anonymous said...

i am currently using this product and i am starting day 3 today. i am very impressed thus far. everything that has been written above is true. i got married last year and gained the fat and happy weight of 13 lbs. i am down about 5 of them and my pooch is almost totally gone. this is a great detox to uses right before swim suit vacations! i would recommend it to everyone.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Did you just do the bloody cleanse or did you do the entire detox package?

jayme said...

If you want a great detox try the one from It Works! i have sooo much info on detoxing and weight loss and no matter how hard you try the weight wont stay off unless u detox - an since we run into 100s of toxins a day - we constantly need detox stuff! lol check out jaymeduncan.myitworks.com i used wraps (30 bucks worth) lost 4 inches off my stomach - 2nd wrap i lost 4 inches off my waist overnight@!

Abbynormal621 said...

I know this is a couple years late :p but the Arbonne fiz sticks work great for the energy aspect and drinking enough water is key :)

Anonymous said...


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