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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It seems that everywhere I look, there is love, weddings, engagement! Spring fever maybe? Dan and I attended a wedding last week. It was beautiful. Like most women, I LOVE weddings. It used to be I would go as a single woman, taking notes, silently critiquing and planning for my big SOMEDAY.

Now when I go, I like to just soak it in. The "remember whens"... Dan and I always watch the groom instead of the bride during the processional. They always have this big old sloppy grin. It is a face you rarely see elsewhere - and that love is something magical. I'll never forget Dan's goofy smile as I walked down the aisle. I'll never forget the terror that almost consumed me before the ceremony, before the doors opened and how it all fell away when I saw his face and the deepest calm I have ever known came upon me. That love is something magical.

As I watched the couple this last week join in their first kiss (she had no veil which I find so sad because aside from the sloppy grin, the lifting of the veil is the best part!) more memories flooded me. Dan's trembling fingers, how his tuxedo jacket felt against my hand, the way he leaned to one side and grabbed me with abandon and kissed me in a way that I'll always remember. That love is magical.

A week ago, my sweet friend Rachel got engaged. I am so filled with joy at this news. The happiness that I KNOW she is feeling, the overwhelming passion for a man and the realization that everything you had hoped for is standing in front of you and asking you that one question. To share your life together. I tear up as I look at the picture of her delicate hand and the shiny, elegant new engagement ring. I remember spending hours staring at my own. Waking up the morning after and giggling out loud like a little girl on Christmas day. Those moments are unbeatable, breath taking and nearly heaven. That love is magical.

It is all around me in tiny little ways. The sound of Dan's key in the door still makes me smile, my kids chasing one another and laughing loudly, the smell of Dan's skin after he shaves, the whispered "I love you, Mommy". These moments are what make life worth living. That love is something magical.


Dr.John said...

Love is indeed magical. It can go on forever. But so many now seem to lose it along the way.

Jez said...

It is certainly magical. I froze at my wedding. I was not nervous of getting married, but of the show I was basically putting on. I got really stiff and people said I looked pissed walking down the aisle. I could barely speak, you can hear him loud and clear on the tape, but not me. I was practically whispering, it was all I could get out. Then I froze and could not move my hand to get his ring on!

Caro said...

How sweet that you still feel that way about your hubby. :-)

That's how a marriage should be.

Pendullum said...

Love is many a splendid thing...
And you just made me just sigh at the screen and think..."that's why I love to visit you!'
So glad you are in the bloggosphere!

Ginny said...

Beautiful post. It makes me appreciate the things that I just don't think of everyday but should make a point to always remember. Love is magical!