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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top of the Mornin' To Ya

Ahhh.... it's been a long time. My husband has thoroughly chastised me that I need to blog more. I guess he thinks it is good for me to express my "creative" side. I suppose he is right. What person shouldn't express themselves about I'm Not Fat Anymore Tattoos, Discussion On The Size of My Boobs, or the many wonders of my favorite word.

Yesterday was St. Patty's Day. A fun and much loved holiday of my husband that I have adopted and made my own. For me, growing up some odd mix of German, Scottish and mutt, St Patty's was nothing more than a day to pretend to love green and pinch people. I remember on St. Patrick's day that landed on a Sunday when I was very little. I was in my underwear, wandering around looking for my mother to put my dress on when my brothers spotted me. "NO GREEN!" they shouted and chased me down the hallway and shrieking. I still remember how much those pinches hurt (I'll make sure to tell my therapist) and you will never catch me on St Patrick's without the signature color.

We had a wonderful time yesterday. It just so happened that Dan had the day off so it really felt like a holiday. We ate corned beef and cabbage of course and I dabbled in a few new recipes. One was called Boxty, which is basically an Irish potato pancake served with Irish honey. The other one was a chocolate mashed potato cake for dessert. Sounds disgusting, right? It was delicious and will become a guaranteed tradition from now on.

I love looking up traditional cuisine from our heritage. Neither side of our families really sent down many recipes from our ancestors. I would love to know how to make a killer sauerbraten adn spaetzle from my roots in Germany or make yummy tamales from Dan's grandmother. Ok, maybe not from that mean old lady, but maybe her mother. :) But I dabble and I try to learn.

We don't normally celebrate at our house with my family, but due to certain circumstances, that's what we did this year. And I truly enjoyed preparing the meal myself and making the day special for my family.

Now back to Weight Watchers I go to moan and wail as I step upon that scale this week.

Éireann go Brách


Caro said...

I'm glad to see you back!

Cake recipe, please?

Dr.John said...

Wow! I missed your return. Hope you had a blessed Easter.