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Monday, March 24, 2008

Fatty Crossing

I hate chocolate. (I shouldn't have typed that...I didn't really mean it my sweet love....nothing makes my heart go a flutter the way it does at one mere nibble of you). But, without chocolate I would not be back on my weekly treks to the fat meetings. AKA Weight Watchers. That chocolate is so seductive, I cannot keep my wits about me when it charms with its chocolaty wiles.

I have a new cool reason to want to shed these pounds...again. Dan and I are planning a trip to Hawaii in May. It has been hanging in the balance for a while now and it looks like it might actually happen. And if I am going to wear a swimsuit I had better get a bit of a tan and get rid of the mama chub (can you call it mama chub if your youngest child is 2 years old?) so as not to scare all of the tourists away. Beware of the great white!!! Eeeek!

At least I have some motivation. And a vacation...without the small tyrants...sounds heavenly. I don't even know anymore, what do grown ups do on vacation without small kids? Whatever the hell I want I suppose!



Dr.John said...

Stay away from the chocolate and keep thinking trip. That's what you have to do.The bad news is when my mother went on a trip without us kids she came back twenty pounds heavier.

Ginny said...

I call mine Mamachub even tho my baby is about to be 12! How lucky to be going to Hawaii. Dr. John said his mom gained 20 pounds when she went away, well be careful, my mom got pregnant with #6! Have fun and enjoy your hubby!

Caro said...

Yeah, I know what my hubs likes to do on vacation with no kids. Snicker.

Have fun!