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Monday, March 31, 2008


I had a weekend full of fun, snarly children, fattening food and wonderful news. It was Brady's 2nd birthday party which is always accompanied by lots of eating and fighting and hitting. It just isn't a toddler party without all that. At least for the members of our tribe.

It was the year of Thomas and Cars. Two year olds barely branch out in their interests, only allowing a few themes in at a time. I am hoping this is the last Thomas birthday I will have to entertain or, should I daringly hope, ever attend. It is the most mind numbing and costly hobby a child of only 2 could possibly show interest in. If you have a toddler boy who has yet to discover the island of Sodor, NEVER turn on PBS at 2pm. You'll thank me for that tidbit.

There was one gift that did not land in the typical birthday boy category and I have to say that it was my most treasured gift of all. It was a small, unassuming box that didn't seem to hold anything of great value - maybe an outfit? But as it was opened, a piece of paper sat in the box with 4 very exciting words written upon it.

"A New Baby Cousin"

My brother Kevin and his wife, Tiffany are expecting another baby.

The news of a baby is fantastic and miraculous under normal conditions. But this baby is truly, truly a miracle. My nephew Hudson - their oldest - was very long awaited and finally arrived after much prayer and a round of in-vitro.

My newest (hopefully niece - but I'll take either one) is a complete gift from the Lord. I just know that the faithfulness of our friends and family (and my Gram who was in earnest prayer DAILY) was looked upon with mercy from God and He has blessed us with this tiny life. A life that was predicted never to have been. I am tickeled...hopefully pink.

I have been craving a newborn, so this is a good fix for me. This will be a first though, someone in my family is pregnant and I'm not pregnant with them!

It does make me - only momentarily - think wistfully about a swelling belly. And then my 3 hooligans give me a swift kick, and I am reminded why I was on my knees thanking God for Dan's vasectomy just last week.


Dr.John said...

Despite all your protests birthday parties are fun. So they fight a little and scream a bit. You still love them.
As a model train person I ask you not to knock Thomas. That train is the entry level to a great hobby.

Gingers Mom said...

Dr. John - Yes of course I do love the parties. The fighting and screaming is part of the package. But the giddiness in opening a prized gift is worth all of it.

The trains aren't so bad. The TV show makes me want to pull my hair out. Between Brady and Vincent we have so many trains now, I hope he keeps up with it. It was a huge investment! Ha ha.