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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My life has been nutty busy lately. I am still alive. Unfortunately it has left me with such little time to blog. My kids, my business, my husband's crazy work and school scedule - YIKES!

Good news: I was promoted to District Manager with Arbonne last month. Yeah! I am having such a good time with my new business and it was a nice reward for all my hard work.

Bad News: Stinky has been just that....a stinker lately. His tantrums are rearing their ugly head again. Much crying self to sleep...me that is. He is such a good boy but so emotional. Sometimes I think I am the world's crappiest mom. But I try...so I guess that is something.

Other news: My little Red is not so little anymore. She had her big #5 birthday last weekend. We did the party at a place called Kidsville. They did everything for me and I went home to a house that was only messy because I am terrible housekeeper, not because I had a party there.
Red was happy and spoiled and nasty to her brother. All in all, a typical 5th birthday.

Some highlighted gifts for you children of the 80s:

A cool PINK flat screen Lite Brite! (Thank you Uncle D and Auntie C)


An alternative to the classic Easy Bake Oven. (Thank you Uncle K and Tia)

It's like being 5 all over again!

As much fun for me as Red.

I gotta go bake a mini cake now. It will taste like a brick, but what the hell.


Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Congrats on the promotion! I guess the next round of drinks is on you! :)


Dr.John said...

Yes congratulations on being promoted. THe birthday party sounded great. Your kids sound normal. Your daughter will love the cake baked in her own oven.

Pendullum said...

CONGRATS on the promotion!!!!!!!!

And you have to post a pic of an easy bake oven cake just for nostalgia alone!!!!!

bettygram said...

It is great that you got a promotion. The party away from home was a good idea.

Trailady said...

Hey There! Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi". :o) Love your posts as always!!!

Pattie said...

Easy Bake and Lite Brite???

Brings me back to my childhood, for G'ds sake!!! ;-)\

Congrats on the promotion!

Ms.L said...

Hey you!
How are you doing??

Ms.L said...

Hey you!
How are you doing??

Caro said...

Congrats on the promotion. That's great news.

We learned a new trick with SJ's tantrums courtesy of his therapists. When he has one, I walk off and completely ignore him. If he follows me around, I keep ignoring him.

It works like a charm.