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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Beginnings

I've been lazy about blogging lately. All my free time has gone from being an internet junkie to keeping busy with the new business. I sure am loving it though. I feel like I have something of my own...I am contributing to my family in a way that I haven't been able to do in a long while...and I am really having fun.

In other news, my little Red Beast is having her final day of preschool this week. She will have 2 weeks off and then off the kindergarten. My eyes well up every time I think of it. How am I grown up enough to have an elementary school kid?? When did that happen?

So this week is full of shopping for school supplies, new shoes the whole works. Dan is silently staring at his empty wallet trying not to grimace. But it should be fun. I LOVED shopping for school stuff. I hated the school part, but the new shoes and clothes and a fresh box of Crayolas? Hell yeah!

I remember being in first grade and I had my first pencil and used it until it was down to a tiny little nub because I was too scared and embarrassed to use the pencil sharpener. Introvert? You think?

What do you remember about starting school?


Ms.L said...

Aww what an exciting time!
Nothing beats a new box of crayons:)
I was so shy I'd pee my pants rather than ask to use the washroom,hehehe.
I loved that every year brought a fresh start.

Spider Girl said...

I'm a preschool teacher and this month is all about making goodbye cards for the children starting Kindergarten...how did they get so big so fast?!

It happens every year--but it's a little heart-rending every time.

I remember LOVING kindergarten though. I loved the musical instrument centre and I thought an indoor sandbox was just the neatest thing ever.

Miss Kelly said...

Here's feeling old: Evan is going into Grade 4. And here's something scarier: I'm supposed to HELP with homework. WTF? Uhhh...yeah, let's see. When? When I'm not in Freaking Fresno for two weeks on my own course and then studying (er...cramming) for my own finals in December? Isn't there a rent-a-suburban-mom out there somewhere to help out with that stuff?

Dr.John said...

I don't remember it at all but I do remember the start of my kids in school.

Jen said...

I don't remember a lot about it except the sandbox. I played in that thing for hours. So much fun!

Ginny said...

My oldest is starting high school and my baby is starting middle school. Can't believe how quickly time flies. Oh, by the way, my local paper just featured 5 arbonne ladies who all won mercedes! Go get em!!

Cece said...

I just got one started in 4th grade and one in kindergarten this week. My 4th grader knows the ropes so she was easy. But to see and hear the excitement in my little one! Its priceless. She looks forward to going to bed early so she can get up and go to school. Wonder how long that will last? lol

And nothing says I love you like a big box of Crayons. Good luck!

QueenieCarly said...

Ah... back to school shopping. I am still filled with a great feeling of anticipation when I think of doing it. And I still peruse all the school supplies year round, but there's something about August that makes it that much better. Sigh.

Caro said...

I remember all the cool toys. Kindergarten was just a place to play way back then.