We can do it

Thursday, June 07, 2007


We are drowning in illness. They are dropping like flies around here. The kids are trying their best to smear as many germs on me as they can. So far I have dodged all the bullets. You want it, we've got it.

Ear Infection
Pink Eye

It's an all for one sale. For just 2 payments of $19.95 I will send you your very own germ infested kleenex. Order now!


Jill said...

As a child I gave my parents the mumps. That was obviously before the vaccinations. When my kids were in school I dreaded the new year each time cause one or all of them would come home with some wonderful mess which they so lovingly shared with me. I feel your pain!

Miss Kelly said...

I've got my own germ fest going on up here. I took the kids for dinner the other night, and we all started laughing at something and all 3 of us ended up hacking away for 5 minutes after. It was pathetic.
Good luck - hopefully you're all germ-free soon....

Stacy "Pirate Queen" said...

Hey Sis,

Our 2 have been down for the count too! It must have been synchronized within the genes. 500 miles apart and they are all sick at the same time. I knew it couldn't just be because their cousins were coming - nope. They were both catching the whatchamacallit. They should all be fine by Sunday when you guys get here. We have church from 9a-10:30 so either come before so you can go with or come after. Or we can arrange to leave a key. Love you can't wait to see ya.

Dr.John said...

I try to stay as far awy from germs as I can. Sorry there is so much illness at your house.

Pattie said...

Uh...no thanks. I think I'll have to pass on that special *LOL*
Hope evryone is feeling better soon!!!

QueenieCarly said...

Dude, that sucks. Keep your distance. Use the force.

Caro said...

Really, I'll pass. :P

Now I'll sound like an ad, but if you go to cafemom.com and join the playskool pre-school group and make five comments on posts, playskool will send you a Mr. Potato Head kit for free. You don't even pay shipping.

Since you can't leave the house, you may as well go to cafemom!

Oh, The Joys said...

Ugh! Feel better soon!

Catch said...

Ill pass on that offer and sorry to hear you guys have all been so sick! Hoping you are all feeling better real soon!!!!

MamaMint said...

Hope you feel better soon!

(btw, can I add you to my blog roll?)