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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Who knew I was a "Bad Parent"

I am going to get hate mail for this, I just know it.

There is some scary legislation trying to make its way into California. For any of you who haven't heard, there is a bill proposing to make spanking a criminal offense that could lead to jail time for parents. It is called AB 755 if you want to google it. I had heard about this in the works, but that the bill had been shot down. Much to my surprise, the bill has been approved by committee. I am appalled and terrified about what this means.

Can our government ACTUALLY be so bold as to dictate how we can raise our children now? I know that spanking is a VERY hot topic. But whether you feel like it is how you want to raise your children or not, to make it a CRIMINAL act to use traditional parenting methods is OUTRAGEOUS!

According to Sally Lieber, the liberal who is pushing for this bill, a "good parent" would never spank their child so if you are a "good parent" you have no cause for worry. According to Lieber, this bill only deals with child abuse. It will make spanking a child with an implement (such as a ruler or wooden spoon) a criminal act.

I personally do not like to spank with an object other than my hand. But many people do, saying that they choose to reserve their hands for affection and another object for the purpose of discipline. There is nothing criminal in that.

For anyone who truly understands discipline with love understands that spanking is NEVER done in anger. It is reserved for moments of defiance and as a last resort. A spanking should be followed up with a gentle conversation and spoken understanding that there is great love between the parent and the child.

My parents spanked me and my brothers as a child when necessary. I was not abused. I have a wonderful and respectful relationship with my parents. It is not a relationship that is based on fear but one of love.

If this bill passes we are going to be overwhelmed with parents going to trial trying to prove that they spanked their child "justifiably" so as not to go to jail for up to one year. It will waste our time, government money, and will bring a lot of pain to many families.

For more information and links on how to contact the governor and your assemblyman please go HERE.


kelly said...

I was raised pretty much the exact same way as you and feel the same about my parents - there is much love and respect there. And the same for my children - I am known to smack the hand of a little one or spank the bottom of and older child. Even the kitties get a spanking on the butt when they need it!
You're exactly right on the fact that this is just going to tie up the court system and waste sh*tloads of government money.
The stupid woman that is all for this has probably never had children and was a spoiled only child.

~Another Bad Parent

Trailady said...

Well, throw me into the mix as a baddie too then!

I agree with you on how/when spanking should be performed. Time-Outs are a big FAT joke for most kids. I worked in Daycare and taught PE long enough to know that. Sometimes words will do, but a well-delivered swat on the bottom can get their attention and respect real quick.

A bill like this would put all the power in the hands of children. I can see it now- it looks like a TV commercial, "Hey Kiddies, angry because you didn't get your way? Did you not get dessert after breakfast or that fancy toy you begged for?? To get back at Mom & Dad and have them investigated for child abuse, simply tell someone you've been spanked. Mom -n- Dad will be punished and after they've learned their lesson you can have all the Little Debbie's you want."

I really can't see this bill passing, but in today's world, you just never know...

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

I don't think it will pass. There are too many abusive parents out there....the politicians are outnumbered (Just Kiddin')

We've had to resort to spanking a couple times. Because Josh really is a sensative child, it hasn't really worked well for us. He does fall right into line if he's threatened though but, we've found that he gets fearful and even becomes afraid to come out of his shell sometimes so for us spanking is a LAST resort. Taking away toys, treats and fun activities works most of the time.

Disiplining children depends on so many other aspects that placing one flat rule/law on such an issue seems very unproductive. When it comes to spanking, it totally depends on the child, the parents, the surroundings, etc.

In some European countries laws like this (Japan has laws like this even though many times it's not followed) have been implemented and I think that's what a lot of anti-spankers like to point out (like, "wow, Europe is so much more progressive")

What many folks forget is that we are a country MUCH bigger than Europe and, we have, and pride ourselves on a much more diverse population (in terms of cultural & religious differences)One flat state law won't work for this issue!

Dr.John said...

My parents never spanked me. i never spanked my kids ( you can't count the one spanking I gave Patrick who to this day swears it was foir the wrong reason. My mother on the other hand pulled hair. Belive me you did noty want your hair pulled by my mother. You do what you have to do as a parent to survive and raise the best kids you can.

Caro said...

Yeesh, the stupid laws they spend money trying to pass.

I'd rather spank my local congressman.

Gingers Mom said...

Caro - Bwahahahahahhaah!

As for the rest of you - I believe that MOST parents have their kid's best interest at heart and do their very best in raising them. Every kid is differnt. I use differnt discipline tactics with each of my kids, partly based on age, partly on personality. But to say that spanking is criminal is downright ridiculous.

I vote that Lieber gets a spanking.

Anonymous said...

spank that butt!!

Oh, The Joys said...

Regardless of anyone's position on spanking - I am against laws that require someone to understand and evaluate my family, the speed and velocity of my arm... Ugh.

Dianne said...

Wow! I'm glad I don't live in California!!!! There have been many an occasion that I have had to spank one of my kids, but now all I have to do issay do you need a spank and they behave. Time outs have not worked for us very well, so we use other means. I always go and talk to my kids after to make sure they know that I love them and that I am just looking out for their well-being. If the government thinks that they should have a hand in raising our children then what's next? Will they tell us how many kids we can have, where we have to send them to school, what sports they can play? I think that it is just opening a big can of worms and wasting money that could go to program to help parents be more effective without using spanking! Politians suck!!!! Maybe you could start a spank-a-thon?!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Now you listen to your bible which says, "spare the rod, spoil the child!" My sister, a gentle soul, used a wooden spoon on her daughter, now a mature 26 year old who just passed the bar. She felt that an inanimate object was better for discipline, saving the bare hands for affection, just as you said. I agree strongly with that wisdom. Lady, it's time to turn inward to that voice of wisdom inside. Do it for love!

Christina_the_wench said...

So where do they stand on duct tape and Dimetapp?

kfk said...

Can o'worms, that's what it is. If it passes, we better all be very scared.

Catch said...

thats whats wrong with this country!!! The government! WHen they start telling us how to raise our kids its time...to stop listening.

Pattie said...

I think government already has too much say over many things in our private lives.Discipline choices should be up to the parents. I can't see that bill passing.