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Monday, May 07, 2007

Is that my butt?

I reached a milestone this week. At my chubby person meeting I weighed in and I finally achieved my 10% weight loss goal. I now only need to lose 1 more lb before I have reached my official goal. (Which truly is about 5 lbs more than what I want to be but once you reach your goal at WW you become a lifetime member and get to stop paying...) So I went shopping this week.

I actually went shopping for a swimsuit. And I bought one. I didn't burst into tears even once. There was some cringing and deep, heavy sighs, but I left the fitting room with (most) of my dignity in tact and a swim suit in hand.

The real challenge is whether or not I will actually wear said suit in public. That remains to be seen.

I also went out and bought some sexy dresses.


In a sexy dress....

Who could imagine?

I haven't owned anything "sexy" in a long time. Unless you count a button up shirt that barely stretches over my massive lactating breasts, sexy.

I decided I have been frumpy mom too long.

And since I have lost weight and my boobs, for the time being, are still in good shape I better get out there and show off my new improved behind.

Now I just gotta figure out how to FEEL sexy. That is the key, right?


Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Congratulations you skinny bitch! :) Being done with one chapter in your life (breastfeeding, childbirth, new baby smell, Baby Bjorns, etc.) just starts up a new one (smaller diaper bags, clothing with less patterns, and buying bras that will fit!).

Caro said...

Hooray for you!

Take pics!

Mimi said...


I think that finally accepting your body helps in feeling sexy again. Not that we should not try to improve. But we are adults and moms now. Not skinny lil teenagers. I have a few friends who can't seem to grasp that. Their expectations are way to high for themselves. Our bodies change in our 20's just from becominga nd adult and motherhood. So just cause we were a size 5 when we were 18 does not mean we should still be one.

BTW~A lot of men think a woman in a button down shirt, especially one strecthing over big breats, is very sexy!;-)

Catch said...

Feeling sexy comes from your head, not your body. If you think you are sexy..then you are! lol. And I think I am! LMAO.

Oh, The Joys said...


Trailady said...

Happy for ya!!! Feeling sexy will come back before you know it.