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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A blogging dilema

I think almost all of us go through this. A blog that has become stagnant. I am finding myself with less and less to say and less and less time to commit to my blog. Between my WW meetings, daily errands, working out, trying to join a Bible study....I find my blogging time almost non existant.
I am not giving up. I like having my blog to record the craziness that my kids bring to my life. I enjoy reading what all my favorite blogs have to say.
So don't give up on me. I'm still around. Just trying to figure out what to say and the time to do it in.
I won't be blogging...and haven't been blogging as much. But I am going to try to poke my head in at least once a week.
My kids need my attention more. So I am going to go play with them now...


Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

We experience writers block all the time. I think though that even before that happens many times some blog readers find the thrill is gone from finding a new site. I am not saying that your writing has lost it's thrill, I just think it's like dating someone new and finding that the butterflies are now gone. I think it happens both with the writer and the reader. Go play with your kids. They are the constant source of inspiration! Good luck find a good bible study group.

Caro said...

Yep, been there.

I had to cut back a lot especially after the list of places I visit got more time-consuming.

Because I want to read what everyone else has to say too. :)

Have fun with the little ones. I'll keep checking back.

And holey moley, that poor hippo or whatever the hell it is!