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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two at his best

Ah, a lull in the late afternoon....I should probably be making dinner, but no, I am going to sit down at the computer and play a mind numbing round of spider solitaire. Some time passes. It is quiet...too quiet. Dangerous conditions in the house with a two year old. I start looking.

"Red, where is your brother?"

Blank stare.

I ran all over the house looking for him. Nothing. Finally, with the panic rising in my throat I burst into my bedroom calling his name

There he is, with a bottle of children's Tylenol smeared on his face, his clothes, my sheets.

He smiles up at me with a big, proud grin. "Yummy medicine. Yummy yummy yummy!!!"

I grab the bottle from him. Half empty. CRAP! I quickly dial my mother...as if she has some magical powers...which I still kind of believe. She of course instructs me to call poison control.

Poison control. Again. For the 3rd time this year. My fingers hesitate before dialing the button...can they find out who I am a take these kids from me because I canNOT keep dangerous things out of their mouth???

When I get through, Stinky is in full blown hyper mode. He is jumping wildly on my bed.

"I love medicine! Love it! Yummy yummy in my tummy! MMMMM....GOOOOD MORE MORE MEDICINE!!"

I relax as the woman on the other line calculates his weight and the amount of Tylenol consumed and reports that all is well. To expect him to be somewhat sleepy, maybe a tummy ache.

As I hang up the phone I just stare a while and watch the little boy stip naked and starts spinning on the bed maniacally, as if he were the Tazmanian Devil.

"Give me medicine! Yummy yummy yummy...I drink it drink it drink it. Naughty boy! Naughty boy! Bad bad bad. Yummy yummy yummy. Give me more!!!!"

And for just a split second I wonder...if I gave him the OTHER half of the bottle would THAT really knock him out?

Bad bad mommy. Naughty naughty.


Anonymous said...

gotta love those middle kids!!! You know who this is!!

Caro said...

I've had to call poison control a couple of times myself.

It's always scary.

The red dye in that Tylenol is probably what made him hyper.

Dr.John said...

When we were raising ours there was no poison control to call. We were lucky the county health nurse was in the congregation and would help us.

QueenieCarly said...

You never said... did you? ;)

Catch said...

Im glad everything was ok.....that poison control center is great! when kids are quiet you always know something is stirring....lol...he is such a beautiful little boy!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

When I was a kid, I nearly polished off an entire container of Flintstone vitamins... you know, the kinds shaped like your favorite Fred, Barney, Dino, etc characters. And now I'm a short, skinny, sarcastic, balding adult man.

I hope for better things for your kids...


Gingers Mom said...

"Anonymous" - yeah I know who you are. You middles are the sneaky ones.

Caro -I didn't think of that... It was either that or all the sugar. He eventually fell asleep that night. But it was a rocky ride!

Dr. John - I don't know what I would do without poison control. We've had to call several times. Thank God for them!!

Catch - They ARE great. I have used them alot. LOL! Thanks.

Mike - Ah, you turned out just fine. I was worried a for a while there until Nicki saved you...but you're alright. :)

QueenieCarly said...

I just have to say that I love his pondering look in that photo! "Visions of sugar-medicine danced in his head..."

Ms.L said...

LMAO You're not the first Mommy to think of THAT,heehee
What a monkey:)
I called poison control many times when my buggers were little too with the same worry on my mind. Sooo stressful!!Nobody's come for them yet though..darn!
Ha,ok I jest!
My friend's son ate her birth control pills once...the WHOLE pack!

kelly said...

Wow - scary! I don't know if your medicine's are stronger in the US, but up here that liquid Tylenol is so mild, it's almost useless. When O had strep throat I asked the doctor in the ER about giving her too much and he laughed and said "You could give her the entire bottle and it wouldn't make a difference - there's not enough in it to harm a baby, let alone help a fever". She was only 1 at the time. I ended up crushung up adult Tylenol and giving it to her with honey.

Gingers Mom said...

Carly - I am sure there are a lot of sneaky little thoughts running through that rotten little mind.

L - I think all kids have a death wish...

Kelly - That is probably true. The do want to scare you and print on the label that taking more than the recommended dose can cause SEVERE LIVER DAMAGE AND EVEN DEATH. Way to freak out a mama!!

Dianne said...

When Griffin was a baby he got into the dish soap and ate some of it. I called poison control too, after they finished laughing, they siad it would just clean out his system, which it did. He did blow bubbles for a couple of days though every time he opened his mouth and we had soapy poops. It was great!!! I believe he still sometimes takes a swig of strawberry shampoo, or other "soapy" things. Do you think I should take him to see therapist for that?.......HMMMMM

S. said...

These are the things I do not look forward to...

I am soooooo toast...

Trailady said...

Oh NOOOO!! I've called Poison Control a time or two myself.

PS. The other half of the bottle is for the stressed out Mommy to drink. Then you lay beside your buzzed child and count purple elephants together on the ceiling. LOL

kfk said...

You should have given him the full bottle of Benadryl.

I hope he settled down by bedtime!