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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And the bad mom award goes to....

Gingers MOM!! Yeah!! (wild cheering and applause). Awww...thank you, thank you. **blush**

Last night, I decided to indulge and stay up (GASP!!) past 11pm. You see, mom of the Gingers is perpetually sleep deprived and is celebrating if she is awake past 10pm.

Finally at about 11:17pm (I was feeling REALLY wild) I turned out the light.

Somewhere around midnight I hear Stinky crying. I poke at hubby with my toes. "Please, please, YOU go settle him. He is so much BETTER for you these days. " Poke...poke....POKE....JAB JAB JAB.

Delirious husband staggers down the hall. I wonder if he got the right room... "OH! OH! Come here! Gingers Mom, come HERE! COME HERE!!!"

I bolt down the hallway to find a stupefied Dan and a puke covered Stinky. They stare at me, awaiting instruction.

So we clean him up, take away the tainted blankets, Dan changes his pajamas. Snuggle back down for a nice rest. (please please please just be a fluke and not the stomach flu....)


Crying and wailing from Stinky's room. "Mommy, I sickies! I sickies!"


Poke at sleeping husband. No stirring. I assume he is faking.

Yep. Another puke covered Stinky. Except this time he got it everywhere. Toss all bedding in the washer and camp out on the couch with towels and bowl. Until 3:30am.

Sleepy sleepy Gingers Mom.

He slept the rest of the night.

He awoke hungry and asking for eggs. Oops. All outta eggs.

So as I was making him cereal I turn around and he was happily devouring an egg. A Cadbury Creme Egg to be exact. Close enough?

The I decide. He seems well enough to go to school. I really need to grocery shop and it is Pony ride day at preschool, something he has been so excited about. Yes. I took my kid to school after a night of puking.

You are welcome, all other parents of the preschool. Just consider it payback for all the crud you have sent to school with your kids that mine happily brought home to me.


Oh, The Joys said...

I'm worried about tonight because The Rooster projectile vomited all over the back of the car on the way home from daycare today and then threw up all over the dining room later. Yikes.

Caro said...

It seems to be going around blogville.

Just don't send Stinky to my house. :)

Pattie said...

Oh poor Stinky. Guess he must be feeling better if he ate that egg, right? *shrug*

Dr.John said...

Okay. For a time I thought you hadn't earned teh award but when yous ent him off to preschool after a night of heaving. Its yours.

Pendullum said...

Now, did Stinky throw upon the poor unsuspecting pony???

Gingers Mom said...

Joys - Ick. The dreaded stomach flu. I would live through 10 colds just to avoid 1 bout. Ick. I hope yours are doing ok!

Caro - Hey. watch out, I'll pawn him off on anyone...

Pattie - That's what I figure. He kept it down ok!!

Dr John - Well, he only puked the twice. It wasn't ALL night. But I willingly take the award.

Pendullum - LOL And no, pony escaped unscathed...

Undomestic said...

Oh, I so get this waking up to puke filled child. Yuck! If my preschooler felt fine in the morning, I would have sent him to!