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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2 and 4

Just some weird stuff my kids have said to me lately.

(As I am tucking Stinky into bed the other night)

Gingersmom: Good night, Stinky. I love you.

Stinky: Poppa likes chicken.

GM: Poppa likes chicken?

Stinky: Poppa likes chicken and yells at me.

GM: Ok, good night honey.

Stinky: Poppa likes chicken.

GM: I love you.

Stinky: Poppa likes chicken.

As I walk past his room later, he is still mumbling to himself

Stinky: Poppa likes chicken....

(During dinner last night I found Red coloring on my calendar...twice!)

GM: Red, if I catch you writing on my things one more time you are in BIG TROUBLE

Red: I'm in trouble? Are you going to take me to the police?

(Another day during yest ANOTHER baby inquisition)

Red: Do you remember when I was a little baby?

GM: Of course I do.

Red: And I was in your tummy?

GM: Yep.

Pondering for a minute....

Red: Is that because I fell down from your heart?


Ms.L said...

AWwwwww,Red is sweeet!
I'm lovin' your new look!

Anonymous said...

That last one was cute Red.

Catch said...

You should write down some of the stuff they say.....mine are all grown and I cant remember a lot of what they used to say...I wish I had written some things down. Your children are so beautiful.

QueenieCarly said...

Was it you who I told this before? (That's my way of apolgizing in case I'm repeating myself.)

Aaron's mom wrote down little things that each of her three kids said and did when they were young. When I was over there on one of our trips, she pulled out the folder where she keeps all of Aaron's tidbits and out came a million little scraps of paper where she'd recorded these precious things. It was really neat to look at.

Whether it's on your blog or in a scrapbook or notebook or on the wall, I'm just glad you're recording this stuff because it is precious.

Because I fell down from your heart... that is adorable.

(Kelly has a good one similar to your police example. I'll leave it for her to share.)

Dr.John said...

That is adorable. I love what kids say. My grandson once said to his father when he came out of pre-school " Don't ask me about owls:/ He never explained it.

Carolyn said...

I'm thinking Red fell into your heart.

I swear it is love at first sight when they are born.

Gingers Mom said...

Ms. L - I like this template too. The little red head fits right in.

Catch/Carly - I do try to keep a record, either here on the blog or in their baby books of the cute little things they do or say. You really do forget quickly.

Dr John - I LOVE it when kids say ramdom and weird stuff. It makes you wonder what really is going on in that mind of theirs.

Carolyn - she sure did. And it really is.

Miss Kelly said...

So adorable! I have a similar post coming up...

Trailady said...

Precious, precious sayings!! SO glad you are recording all this. :o)