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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The last of hoorrahs...for a while

This weekend is Dan's 30th birthday. I have been planning it all for months now. After this weekend I am FINALLY done all the party planning for quite a while. It has been one after another. And although I really enjoy it, I am wiped and need to concentrate on getting my house in order!!
Yesterday I did all the grocery shopping. Of course I forgot a few items that I have to run to the store for tonight or tomorrow. I braved the commissary with the two boys while Savannah was in school. It was pay day. For those of you who aren't military, pay day is like hell at the commissary. It was packed out and I got there before they were even open. URG!
But anyway, I survived. Today my house smells like seafood because Dan's one request for his birthday party meal (with his family) was Shrimp Etouffe. I am terrified because I have never made it before and I have an uncanny knack for botching recipes when people are coming over. Plus it is alot of labor intensive sitrring and I have 3 little hooligans to distract me. For dessert instead of cake, he wants cherries jubilee. At least that recipe is easy. Dan never wants cake. What's up with that? It is the perfect food.
Then on Sunday we have a celebration with MY family. This whole multiple party thing for everyone is getting old fast. Hey...how come I only get ONE party on my birthday??? (pouting). Oh yeah, my parents are happily married and my inlaws think I am Satan. Oh well.
I am keeping the meal on Sunday simple. Filet mignon and crab legs. Easy peasy. Does anyone have a great recipe for a really good cheesecake??? Let me know.

Oh, and as an extra special treat I took Brady to the doctor yesterday and he has thrush. And he gave it to me. For those of you without breasts...don't ask.


Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

That's right... NOV 5 crept up on me so quickly! Happy early Birthday, Danno. (not that he has any ownership in this blog anyway... but maybe you can pass my cheers along to him, Kristin - thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a man I have never met, but we honestly do wish you all the best!!

you go girl on that dinner. It shoulds amazing. Alan would love the shrimp too. Maybe one night when I am feeling like a really good wife (or when I want to get lucky) I will try the recipe out. Let me know how it goes.

Sorry about the thrush. Not fun. I tried to explain what it was to Alan once, and I don't think he has ever looked at my boobs the same way again. So I agree, if you don't have boob's, you don't need to know what it is.