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Friday, September 29, 2006


My little Boo had a bad day. When we went for his 6 month checkup on Wednesday this week his doctor told us that he may have a condition called Ankyloglossia or better known as tongue-tie. She referred us to another doctor in the practice and we saw him today. His name was Dr. Goldfinger, I kid you not.
Suspicions confirmed. Brady's little tongue does not protrude past his gums. Dan took the afternoon of work and came with me to the appointment. I am so glad he was there. It was torturous. Not so much for Brady. They said the worst part of it for him was being held down on the table while they did the procedure. I felt like a traitor as he laid on the table cooing and giggling at me right before. Then they held him down, numbed him and pulled out the scissors.
I have a history of fainting at the sight of blood so I buried my face in Dan's chest while he looked on. I felt like a loser, like I wasn't there for my son. But as soon as it was snipped (it was very fast), I stroked his head and cooed at him. Oh, it was terrible.
The doctor assures me that there are very little blood vessels or nerve endings where he was cut so he will be just fine and have little discomfort.
My mom and dad took Red and Stinky to the movies so Boo could have a quiet afternoon at home with mommy and daddy. I think that was just the ticket. He has been resting off and on all afternoon and seems to be doing ok. A little fussier than normal. He seems happy to have us all to himself. That sure starts young doesn't it? The desire to be the center of attention.
I leave you with a few pics from the birthday celebration last week.

I learned that Stinky actually likes trucks more than cake because the truck won out.

Vincent's Birthday Cake.

One of his new favorite toys.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has physically had to hold down her son more than once as doctors/nurses stuck a catheter in his little penis, I can completely relate. I was also the one holding my youngest while the ER doc tried in vain for an hour to get his little finger to stop bleeding. I'm also the one who got to change the colostomy bag for the first time. And held him down while the nurses searched his arm then his foot for somewhere to put in the IV. I know helpless. There is nothing like it. I wouldn't wish it on Satan himself. Sounds like your little one is too young to remember anything. Lucky! Glad he's doing better!

Mommy off the Record said...

Oh, that sounds horrible, but at least it's over now and he's doing well.

Today, I had to take Little Guy in for shots and had to hold him down on the table. I felt like a complete traitor too, smiling and cooing at him while he smiled back, knowing the whole time he was going to get stuck with the needles. I totally felt like I had betrayed him. I hate going to the doctor!

Stacy "Pirate Queen" said...

Yep - that's the part about parenting that sucks. Robert & I were both in the room for their circumsions. TORTURE! Then, both had there extended hospital visits at a week old with jaundice. Being a mom sucks the worst when our kids are hurt.

My brother had that same procedure - Kris and he's fine now and doesn't stop talking. (Huge sigh)

Carolyn said...

Oh, poor guy. The alone time with Mom and Dad was a wonderful consolation prize though.

Cool birthday cake!

Cool toy too. My son would love that.

Jessia Snow said...

Aww, poor Boo!! At least he got lots of attention afterwards.

Cool cake and very cool truck for Stinky. Stinky's Birthday Boy shirt is awful cute.

Miss Kelly said...

Poor little guy. I've been there too - had to hold my son's fractured arm while the wimpy technician tried to take his X-ray as fast as possible. My mom was in the waiting room and could hear Evan's screams when I came out she was shaking and almost in tears herself! The horrible things we have to do...
Very cool looking cake, by the way. Happy Birthday Vincent!

Betty said...

Having your son having to go through something like that is very hard. The best thing is that all worked out for the good.
the cake was very cute.Hey cake lasts a short time a truck for much more time.

Catch said...

Dr Goldfinger????? Glad he isnt a gynocologist! lol

Awww that poor baby!!! So little to have to go through that, but its always best to do it when they are so young. I just cant stand for babies to be in pain!

That birthday cake is sooo cute!!!!! And looks very yummy!

Mimi said...

Stinky looks like a sweetie! And Boo has the cutest cheeks. I just wanna pinch and kiss them so bad. lucky for him I am not an aunt! I am similar to you as I can not take that situation with my son. When he falls or bumps his head or whatever I can't look. I wait for Durk too look and tell me the damage. I just freeze up I can not help it. I know I have to get over it. But the thought of my baby hurt freaks me out.

Trailady said...

Your kids are SOOOOO cute- I just want to hug them!!!! I had heard about Boo's condition before, but didn't know they cut to fix it. Guess it was the skin under the tongue? I'm sure he'll be fine.

Have you been getting any extra rest??