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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

100 Things Part 4

51. I cry when I am sick. Almost everytime. I turn into a big baby and want my mommy.

52. I really thought that I would never be chubby. I was always tall and thin. It really shocked me that I didn't lose the baby weight after I had the boys. It hurts my self esteem. Now where is that chocolate chip cookie dough???

53. One year for Christmas my mom had a doll specially made for me. She ordered it months in advance to look like me. She was so excited and couldn't wait to give it to me. When I opened it on Christmas morning, mom was beaming and made a big fuss. The doll's name was "Lovey". I hated it and refused to play with it. It crushed her. That came round to bite me in the ass when I had a daughter of my own.

54. I would have named one of my sons "Ronnie" after my FIL just to piss off my MIL. I'm not even joking.

55. I don't like practical jokes. They make me uncomfortable and embarrassed. I don't even like to see them happen to other people.

56. I have a ton of DVDs but never watch them.

57. Dan took me to a carnival on our very first date in high school. It was really sweet. I tried and tried to get him to kiss me to no avail. He did hold my hand on the walk home. I thought he was adorable. Still do. I try to convince him we should take the kids to the same carnival when it comes to town twice a year. He says no because only drug dealers and gang members go there. Ah how suburbia is crumbling before our very eyes, Dan.

58. On our first "date" in college Dan and I went down to La Jolla and talked for hours. Later that night we were chatting and flirting. Just as he was about to kiss me he put his head down which seemed FOREVER. I felt like a big dork just sitting there waiting for the awkward moment to be over. Finally he looked up and said, "You know this is going to change everything?" I just smiled...and then everything did.

59. Stinky was born 11 years to the day after our very first date.

60. I ordered my wedding dress before Dan and I were officially engaged.

61. Dan took my dad to pick out my engagement ring. How cute is that?

62. I had a crush on a boy named Robbie when I was in elementary school. I would purposefully walk home the way that would go past his house and walk.....really...slowly.....to see if I could catch a glimpse of him. One day I was walking by and slid on a big patch of ice and fell flat on my back RIGHT in front of his house and laid there like a comlete spaz and could not get up. I am pretty sure he saw me through the window. I didn't walk that way home for a long while.

63. Cookie monster is my favorite Sesame Street character.

64. It has been over 2 years since I have seen my best friend, Shana and I miss her so much it hurts sometimes. I have lived in California and her in Canada for 16 years and this is the longest we have ever gone without a visit.

65. People who get to know me one on one would never believe that I am shy. But if you put me in a party with people I don't know I get PETRIFIED and don't know what to do with myself. I think people in that situation think that I am snooty, but really I am just really uncomfortable and self concious.

66. One day when I was hugely pregnant with Savannah I went to Home Depot to get some last minute items for her nursery. I think I was about a week overdue at the time and waddling. Bad. As I was walking through the parking lot to Home Depot a man coming out of the store stopped dead in his tracks and just watched me waddle by. When I was about halfway across the street he just started pointing at me and laughing. If I could have picked my foot far enough off the ground I would have kicked his sorry ass.

67. My kids birthdays are coming up soon and I am looking forward to them as much or more than my own birthday. And I LOVE my birthday. Maybe it is because next year I am going to be 30....I mean 22 again.

68. White Cake with chocolate buttercream frosting is the perfect food.

69. My parents paid entirely for my wedding. I will never forget that and will do WHATEVER it takes to do that for my own daughter in their honor.

70. I love to shop. Scratch that. I love to spend money. It doesn't even have to be something fun like clothes or toys. Sometimes I just get an overwhelming urge to swipe that debit card. Even on groceries...there is something so liberating about it. Even if I am just running to the store to buy Dan socks...what a rush!


Jessia Snow said...

I totally oppose #68. No way are you convincing me that white cake beats chocolate cake, no matter what you put on top of it. White cake is the horrible mistake of the baker forgetting to add the cocoa. Those My Twinn dolls are creepy. Cookie Monster is better than any other monster out there. Any time you want to spend money, I'm there for you :-)

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Lucky that 2/3 of your kids are boys, if you want to pay for your daughter's wedding. By the time she gets married, weddings will probably cost $80K-100K. Just like college.


Catch said...

I have to laugh about you falling right in front of the boys house...lol..and I too like to spend money......on anything! lol. I could go into a hardware store and come out with a bunch of stuff...and I love to get groceries.....I buy all the cute little things I see. If I just bought food my grocery bill would be cut in half...lol.

Christina_the_wench said...

I got the ice cream and I am not giving it back! *sticks out tongue*

Gingers Mom said...

Jes - chocolate cake IS better but it has to be GOOD chocolate cake. Often times it is too dry.

Mike - That may be true so we better start saving now. My parents really had to sacrifice to do what they did for us. I see us doing the same for our daughter is a way to honor them for that sacrifice. Plus we love her and want to do it for her.

Catch - we better never go shopping together you and me. LOL

Christina - ah the ice cream is for Dan anyway. As long as I get the cake I am happy.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Maybe Josh can marry Savannah so that I won't have to pay for the wedding! :) Just kidding. Actually, the way that you guys feel about her wedding is the way that Nicki and I feel about Josh's college education. We'd like to cover tuition, or as much as we can, so we started saving when he was young. California's 529 college savings plan is so easy to contribute to and so far our contributions have earned 10% since we started contributing.

Gingers Mom said...

Mike, we feel the same about college. I would like to help out as much as possible. I think they need to contribute, keep a job and be responsible, but I'd like to see that they get a good education. We've been saving for that when we can too. With 3 it's gonna KILL us! LOL

Carolyn said...

Mmmmm, cake sounds sooooo good right now.

And if there is justice in this world, that guy that laughed at you while you were pregnant, got hit by a bus later that day.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Kristin, definitely will be tougher with three kids... but at least with them all about the same age, you should be able to get a few loans once they are in school together. The only loans I was ever able to get for me was my first year, when my sister was in her senior year at college, too.

Also, I agree about kids working during college... I did for my spending (fun) money and for a portion of my room and board. Not sure how much we can control when it comes to our kids being "responsible" in college though. Hopefully it's instilled early and they just make smart decisions by then. We will see!

Betty said...

I wonder did you know the laughing man. It is to bad that that man good not get PG.

QueenieCarly said...

#65. I so hear ya. I would'nt say I am petrified, but I am uncomfortable and no one seems to believe it. They laugh if I ever say I'm shy.

Ms.L said...

I'm shy too and a big baby;p
I say we round up a posse and go hunting for that home depot guy!
What a d*ck!

Miss Kelly said...

Haha - was it Robbie Askew or Murray? Was I there? I'm thinking Askew because he lived on the hill and also, you two share the same birthday. (I STILL remember things like that!)

Bear and a Bee said...

You are NOT CHUBBY! You are beautiful, my friend!
I'm going to start calling Vincent Ronnie. Thanks for the tip.
Don't you mean the "Veggie" Monster?
I miss Shana too.
Just after reading about the laughing man, I went to Home Depot and kicked the first man I saw. I hope that was the right thing to do.
White cake good...choc frosting bad.
I love to shop too and now that I actually have some gift money, I don't know what to buy!

Gingers Mom said...

Kelly - Robbie Askew. I loved him. So very very much. You were probably there pointing and laughing and trying to take my coat.

Stepho - Kicking a man at HOme depot is always a good response. Chances are wherever his wife is, she appreciates it.