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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Everybody's Favorite Uncle

Big fat Preggy Kristin and Tom at the Big D.

Sweet Unlce Tom

My dear Uncle Tom is very sick. Several months ago, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been involved with a clinical trial that was very successful, the doctors believed him to be nearly disease free. Last week, Tom took a turn for the worse. They are now saying that he may only have a week to live. I full heartedly believe that the Lord can still heal him if it is His will. My grandmother was on her deathbed, days from cancer when she went to the church for prayer. When she got home, the cancer was gone. Doctors were stunned. Our family has a long history of miraculous healing and right now we are praying that the same can be done here. Please pray for him and his family. His wife is Eileen, kids are Dee Dee, Tom and Cari.
Tom is a wonderful man and impossible NOT to love. He is kind to everyone, and if you aren't related to him you'd be jealous. He has a deep rumbling voice, the most very kind eyes and a generous hug. He loves the Lord with all his heart and has raised his family to do the same. His sense of humor is hysterical and can make anyone laugh.

This was a picture of Tom and Red at Disneyland. Tom bought himself a popcorn and Red decided it should be hers and walked off with it. Tom was trying to ask to share...NO.


Miss Kelly said...

Kristin - I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle Tom. I hope he does heal. Keep us posted.
PS - Love the picture of Red walking away with his popcorn. That's cute.

Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS Loved Uncle Tom!!! He has been and is in my prayers as is the whole clan. I miss you and I'm thinking of you all.
Love Shan

Mary-LUE said...

Kristin, I just popped on over here from MOTR and am so sorry about your uncle. There is something about a wonderful uncle. Looking at pics of your uncle makes me miss mine. He was a Tom, too, but it was his middle name.

I will pray for him as soon as I finish this comment. I believe in miracles, too. My landlord was healed at a prayer service about 20 years ago. He had cancer EVERYWHERE and they wanted to do a procedure where they would remove everything from his body possible. He said no, went to the prayer service and hasn't been back for a cancer check since.

Under his mercy,


Weinraub Family said...

Kristin I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. At the same time you were writing your cancer post, I was writing one of my own about a good friend.

It is an ugly disease, one I hope gets wiped out of this world very soon.

I will keep your family and your uncle in our prayers.

Mimi said...

I am sorry to read this. Tom sounds so special. I wish I had a uncle like him. I will say a prayer for him. I too believe the Lord can heal him. The power of prayer is amazing.

Trailady said...

So sad! He looks like a wonderful person with a kind heart...