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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just another day as Mom

My day yesterday went as follows:

Kids being kids all day long, so I was tired by the time Dan got home. Wednesday is grocery shopping day when hubby stays with the rugrats while I go to the store. Sometimes it is the only away time I get all week so sadly I look forward to grocery day. Dan came home and was a zombie from long days at work. It pissed me off. He didn't say a word to me through dinner....oh but that is not entirely true. Let's discuss dinner. I found a new recipe that I was excited to make. Ham steaks with mustard cream spaetzel. Mmmmm... It was suppose to be super easy, but somehow of course I was able to turn it into a fiasco! Let's just say I ended up with dough from the spaetzel from head to toe...literally. How is this possible one might wonder, that a grown adult can manage such a feat all on her own? That is a good question. It was everywhere - the floor, the counters, the sink, my entire body, the oven. You are supposed to take the dough and press it through a colander, which I did, but was a completely cruel joke. There aren't enough holes in mine. Then I had a brilliant idea. Let's use the baby's food mill. It has lots of little holes that you press food through to make soft noodle shapes. Disaster...too many holes. At this point I have dough all the way up to my elbows...it is damn sticky stuff! Good thing I made a double batch. I resorted to just dropping the dough into the boiling water to cook piece by piece.
Finally dinner was ready and I was so excited to try it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spaetzel. I served hubby and the kids and quickly scarfed up my meal. No one else is eating. Dan is poking at his plate and scowling. The kids are screaming.

Red: I don't like it! It's yucky! It's making me sick!

Stinky: No. No. No. No. No. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO! NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!

Dan: Uh...no. I don't like it.

That pretty much sums up our entire dinner conversation.

I was so irritated and tired by then that I decided screw the grocery store. I'm gonna stay home tonight and take a bath. I was so pissy at Dan I told him to go take a nap and leave us all alone. Then I was mad that he went. (of course he can do no right)
As I am cleaning up dinner I look outside to see that my kids are now an interesting shade of brown. They are COVERED in mud and dirt. I mean covered. ARG! I holler at them to come in and go straight for the bath. I turned on the water and told them to get undressed and get in. As I return from getting towels I see that Stinky has hopped directly into the bath fully dressed. Where is Dan? I want to choke him. Dripping muddy water everywhere, I extract Stinky from the tub to find he has also got a dirty diaper. Are you kidding me??
As I am sitting there in the muddy bathroom with my filthy kids is when I realize. I just started my period. I need a cocktail.


Ms.L said...

YAY First!

Ms.L said...

LOl,now I can say: I like your template. Pretty apples:)

I've had nights like that.*sigh*
Did you get that cocktail? :p
Mmmm,some days I dream of a giant cranberry martini...
I hope today is better for you!
I have my period too,if it makes you feel better,lol. It sucks,over 7 days of ick:(
Your dinner sounded good to me,I would have liked it;)

Gingers Mom said...

Awww...love right back to you Ms L!

beadinggalinMS said...

ooooh Sweetie! been there before still am some days even though the kids are older. You just want to hide in a giant cocktail without ever hearing the word mom for the rest of the evening.
Heres wishing for a better day today.
Luv your template!

Tiffany S said...

All I can say is God is definitely a man! I know why too... (I'm going to go to hell for this, but) he just simply wasn't up to the challenge! Is there really any harder job on earth than being a mom? I mean, I think it was easier sometimes for Him to build the world in 6 days, than dealing with 3 kids, a husband, all while having "flo" visit for supper as well. If God were a woman, the world would have been created in 6 days too, but she wouldn't have stopped to rest on the seventh. That's because, her husband would be tired and whinny asking, "Where's dinner? I'm hungry!"
By the way, tell Dan I think he sucks. Tired? Like he's the one feeding #3 at 4:00am?!!! Give me a break!
(gee I sound cranky today! I'm ready for this baby to come, I think!)

Gingers Mom said...

LMAO! If you weren't pregnant I would think you were having your period!!

Gingers Mom said...

LMAO! If you weren't pregnant I would think you were having your period!!

Catch said...

Believe me when I tell you....someday when they have grown up...you will miss all this. You bathe them, you put them in bed...they are all under your roof! When they are older you miss the security of having them with you and knowing all is right with the world and the children are in their own beds. Of course the good thing is you wont be dealing with that damn period anymore! ;))

Gingers Mom said...

You know Catch, thank you. I need to stop and think more often about how small this time with them really is. SOmetimes I am so busy hollering at them I forget that these little years are so few. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy!

Mommy off the Record said...

Oh boy. The poop on top of everything else? You DO need a cocktail. Pheww.

sweatpantsmom said...

Sadly, I look forward to my solo grocery shopping trips, too. And some alone time at Target? Whoo hoo - like a junkie getting a crack fix.

Now, go have that cocktail. It sounds like you've earned it, lady.

Pattie said...

You certainly do need a cocktail! Nothing says mama needs a night off like a day like that!

Christina_the_wench said...

Good lord, woman. You need more than one! Drink up!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Yes, drink up times 2 or, 3 (1 for each kidlet!)

Crazedmomof4 said...

I enjoy shopping by myself too! I never get away from my kids & the rare times I do, I miss them.

Dad's will never get what it is to be a Mommy. Our days never end & you can never give the job to someone else.

Drink, drink, drink Plus drink one for the stress the hubby gave you!:D

Miss Kelly said...

I don't know if I should comment. I've already had a few drinks; my kids are in the bath playing nicely (for once!) and my man is a better stay-at-home mom than I'd ever be. We're just waiting for the day that I make enough money so he doesn't have to work anymore!