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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Freaky Jason

Has anyone ever seen the movie "Nothing to Lose"? If not, run out and rent it and watch it at least 10 times. It gets better each time. It has received classic status amongst my family.
Well there is this scene where the character Nick(Tim Robbins) has "kidnapped" Terrence (Martin Lawrence). To try and explain it without having seen it would ruin it - and you are going to run out and watch it right??
Anyway, Terrence is hovered in the corner of a car and saying to Nick, "Please don't kill me Freaky Jason!" You'll see. It's hilarious.
Anyway, since then, our family has starting calling all things annoying and creepy "Freaky Jason." It all started with my old car. It was a 1987 MR2. There was a cassette player in there that was, shall we say, tempermental. If there was a tape resting in it (not playing) Freaky Jason would decide it wanted to hear some music and would suck the tape in and start playing the music. Sometimes Freaky Jason would decide to start the tape over and randomly rewind or it had enough and would spit the tape back out. All on its own. Please don't kill me Freaky Jason!
My parents have a fan. It is a freaky Jason too. They brought it over the other day and I have been using it. It randomly turns itself off and on at will. Please don't kill me freaky Jason!
My dad called his sister Freaky Jason once because she would not stop calling usto make sure we were awake on time when we were on vacation. We were supposed to be up at 6, she started calling at about 4:30. Please don't kill me freaky Jason!
Anyone else got a Freaky Jason?


Ms.L said...

Haaa that's funny and oh so cute too!
I love how each family has their unique expressions. Very very cool!

Anonymous said...

Do freaky jason MIL count!!! They say and do the most 'what the f***' kind of things. Well, I think it counts.

Had the cutest princess fairy tea party today it was a blast!!
Miss you Shan

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...


We don't really have a Freaky Jason, but I think we DO have the Cain Family copy of "Nothing to Lose". I think we borrowed it when we were in San Diego and didn't ever return it. Ooops, sorry! We'll have to mail it to you one of these days.


Mommy off the Record said...

Funny! Our family doesn't have "Freaky Jasons" but we call each other "melons", which is perhaps just as weird or weirder. I can't remember what movie it comes from now, gahdangit,...something with Rodney Dangerfield....ugh, I'm having brain freeze.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Unfortunately, we don't have any funny stayings quite yet. However, we do say really rude random things to each other that make people think we are completely crazy. ie:

Me: "Honey can you get the mustard for me out of the fridge?"

Mike: "What do you think I am, your typewriter!!?"

Like I said, totally weird but it makes poeple think we are fighting.

Carolyn said...

My kids had a freaky Jason toy that liked to go on and off for no reason. There's nothing like music playing in the middle of the night when you want the baby to stay asleep.

Miss Kelly said...

Wow - you had a Christine car! (Steven King book/movie).
Adam calls the kids dirtbags - does that count?
My old neighbour's kid had this doll that was Freaky Jason too - it just kept crying "waah, waah" It was so scary. We beat it up, and let her puppy and my dog play tug-of-war with it and then put it in the garbage and it still cried!

Gingers Mom said...

Mike - hey...so that is where it went!

Nicki - see you are starting weird family traditions already.

Kelly - that is freaky. why are dolls so creepy?

Carolyn - I have a few of those toys myself. Someday I am going to go after them with a hammer.

Mommy off the record - I think I know what you are talking about. I wish I could remember the movie. Melons. I love it.

Shana - MILs are the worst form of Freaky Jasons. Beware.

Ms L - every family is bizarre in a way of their own. That's the fun stuff right?

DreadPyrateRobert said...

Ok. First off, speak well of old Freaky Jason(the car) I LOVED that car! It got even worse as time went on. Eventually it would decide to turn on the radio and listen to whatever station it wanted for as long as it wanted and then turn it off. If you tried to take control, it would often simply turn the station to something spanish.
Kris - Why didn't you tell everyone about your (Swearing)Mom's favorite lines from the movie? :P

"You want a cookie? I got your cookie right here!"

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)

Gingers Mom said...

You wanna cookie? Here's your cookie!

Mom's favorite is the "You shut the F*ck up" scene. Sweet little swearing mom.