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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Crab and the 5 year old that lurk in my kitchen

I am a crab when I cook. I don't want people big or small under me feet. Unless you know what you are doing...get out of my way and let me get it done. My husband is a wonderful man. Most women would give their right arm for a man that would help in the kitchen. Oh well. Not me. God love him, he is always trying to help me. He has been complaining for a while now that I am a mean old crab and asks to help me all the time like 5 year old boy. So I have been working on it. Trying to lighten up and give him little tasks here and there that won't get in my way.
The other day I was baking a cake and I look over and there is Dan with a hopeful look on his face that says, "Can I help?". So I take a deep breath and say

K: Would you like to help me bake the cake?

D: OK (enthusiastically). Can I do it all? You could go and relax.

K: No. I really enjoy doing it, but I'll let you help. (this cake was for a friend and I didn't want him to mess it up since he has never baked before)

D: (sulking a little) OK....but I get to do the eggs!

It was like nails on a chalkboard to me, but I was able to get through the cake making process with his help. I told you I was a crab. I found it especially annoying at the time when he left to take care of one of the kids and hollered..."Don't do the eggs until I get back!". He really is adorable that big grown man with the heart of a 5 year old.
Since then I have discovered that I am fine with him cooking in the kitchen....as long as I am not there.


Sue said...

I'm a crab too. My husband gets home before me so he often cooks supper. He throws things together without much care. Everyone says I should be happy he cooks but they don't have to eat it. I try to appreciate his cooking but it isn't always easy.

Dr. John sent me..

Mommy off the Record said...

I can see how that would be annoying, but it is also TOTALLY cute and endearing at the same time. I love how he wanted to crack the eggs. So sweet!

Tiffany S said...

Dan is very sweet and very clueless (I've seen him in action). He does remind you of a 5 year old with his mom or grandma in the kitchen teaching him to cook (just the way most of us learned to cook). I learned almost everything I know about cooking and baking from my grandmother and mother-in-law (Kristin's mom). Although, my mom would say it was from her. (yeah, if I wanted to be a terrible cook!)
That reminds me, I have a recipe for you, Citrus Chicken. I got it from one of my pregnancy magazines and thought I would try it. It was awesome! Full of flavor and not that much fat and calories (which is hard to come by)

Crazedmomof4 said...

I hate my hubby in the kitchen too! BUt for different reasons. He tries to be the boss or complaines he's there to begin with. I'd love it, if he let me be incharge there & he tried to help. When he does cook, he leaves thick layers of greese & guess who has to clean it? Yep! Me. He also only cooks with a lot of greese & flour which I frown on since I want everyone to eat healthier. It sounds like your hubby is welling to be trained, so go for it!

ArtsyTartsyViray said...

Great blog.. Dr. John sent me..

And in regards to one of your older posts..

My sentence ended up being..

"I danced with my brother because i'm a ninja.."

Good times!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Tried your Aunts Mexican Pork the other night and it was delish!! Mike HELPS me cook. I usually have most of the ingredients ready. He just has to heat it up. This is one day a week while I go swimming at the pool for an hour or two. I, like you have to be out of the house when that's being done. He does however make a mean college meal of Pillsberry biscuit wrapped hotdogs and ghetto mac and cheese (elbow past with a pat of butter and a kraft single) Believe it or not it's actually very yummy! (In a college kitchen kinda way!)

QueenieCarly said...

I'm with you, Kristin. Thankfully, Aaron has the good sense to ask if he has permission to enter before coming into the kitchen I am cooking in. Bless his soul.

Dr.John said...

Hope you enjoyed our visits. Thanks for yoy comment on my blog. You now have two JCPOINTS. There is a drawing every Monday for totally usless prizes. Come and join in the fun. Oh and my wife won't let me in the kitchen either that's why I blog.

Christina_the_wench said...

Oh having others cook isn't the problem. Messing up my kitchen is. I am one of those anal cooks who cleans as she goes. My two precious daughters made me a homemade(not the box kind) chocolate cake for Mother's Day. I literally had to walk outside to keep from cleaning up behind them which would have devastated them. Aww motherhood.

Gingers Mom said...

Sue, Artsy, Dr. John- thanks for stopping by!

Tiff - postthe recipe in my comments for me so I can try it! Or better yet maybe you can finally start your own blog!

Carly - that is a smart man!

Nicki - sometimes guy college food is fine when you are just DONE with cooking. Me? I send Dan out for pizza.

Crazed - that would drive me crazy too!

Christina - I am far from a neat freak. I wish i was tidier so I wouldn't have such a mess to clean up!

Carolyn said...

That's cute.

I'm happy if mine keeps the kids out of my way while I cook.

Miss Kelly said...

Dan probably really just wanted to lick the spoon. He just figured that if he "helped" he'd have a better chance.
My man actually does most of the cooking, mainly because he's home before me or because he works in a grocery store and figures out what he wants for dinner while he's working. I'd say 75% of the time he does the cooking and, if I'm home from work in time, I'll pitch in. It's a good deal, really!