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Monday, May 01, 2006

My little lobster

Well, Dan and Savannah had a fantastic time on their camping trip. One little snafu. Savannah came back burnt to a crisp! She is SO red on her legs and arms. Dan was almost tearful he felt so bad. He swears up and down that he slathered her in sunblock several times, but still a terrible burn. Chalk it up to being a ginger. Her skin is so pale, I am amazed we made it over 3 years without a sunburn. I bought aloe to spray on her but she screams like a banshee when I get close to her with it. I finally smashed up some chewable Motrin last night and stuck it in a sippy cup so she could sleep last night (she will make herself vomit if I give her medicine - she HATES it). Poor baby.
I had fun with my boys. We went shopping with my mom and sat and had a Starbucks while Vincent ran around the fountain at the mall, flirting with a little girl. There was live music playing and he ran over and danced in front of the band showing off his slick 19 month old white boy moves. He is so cute! I was hoping to sleep in, but he was up at the crack of dawn - of course.
Next weekend I am hoping we can swap and Dan will take Vince out for the day and I can have Savannah to myself.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!


Anonymous said...


Caity had a really bad burn last year when she was out with her aunt/uncle. They forgot to use suncreen, not that I'm bitter!!! But I used a burn spray found at the pharmacy that contains lidocaine which is a topical anaestethic and it is cool and goes on fizzy and it takes the pain out. Works like a charm. The aloe is great to keep the peeling down.

Love ya

Gingers Mom said...

That's the type of stuff I have. Aloe with lidocaine. She HATES it. Dan says it stings. I'll keep trying!

Carly-Ann said...

I had a REALLY bad burn when I was in Maui a few years back and I bought a Coppertone gel for after sun use and it was awesome! It took a lot to put it on so it might be tough, but... it might be worth a try.

Miss Kelly said...

Motrin - good stuff. Sounds like you had fun - I shopped with my mom last weekend too! We went nuts - hope you did too.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Try mixing pure Aloe gel with warm (just warm not hot) water in a spray bottle. I've got a few red heads in my family who got some severe burns. This always seemed to help. Poor Baby.:(

Carolyn said...

Poor little girl.

I hope she's feeling better.

Gingers Mom said...
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Gingers Mom said...

She is doing much better today. Thank goodness. Thanks for all the advice!!