We can do it

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Homeless for a few more days

The good news? I don't need a babysitter anymore today. The bad news? Our escrow has been delayed a few more days. So we are currently stuck living at my parents' house through the weekend. Not that it is a bad place to be, but we are SO anxious to get into our new place. Not to mention that we are cramped and want our own space. I think my mom and dad are counting the days until the get their house back too. We are a very....obvious presence. Oh well, at least that means Dan will be home for moving day. Ah.... Cross your fingers for Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't life FUN!!!!! Uh, what a pain but at least Dan can help and you don't have to oversee a whole move with 3 youngsters under foot. Miss you.

Miss Kelly said...

Best of luck. You'll have your home soon - don't worry!!