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Friday, May 12, 2006

10 P's I love

Carly assigned me the letter P and I am finally around to making my list.

Pasta: Mmmmm... I love it and it so bad for you! Spaghetti is my favorite meal.

People Magazine: I don't subscribe but I love to read it so I steal it from my mom all the time. I love celebrity gossip.

Peanut Butter: I crave it. Especially when I am on a diet...like right now.

Portland, OR: My dad grew up there and his family lives there still. I have so many great memories of visiting my grandparents. Admittedly I did not explore the city very much but I have simple childlike memories of being there. Spaghetti Factory for dinner, Oak Park in the summer, feeding ducks at the the park down the street from my grandparents' house. Ah, I miss it.

Port Coquitlam: Because Coquitlam does not start with "P". :) I grew up there and my dear friends Kelly and Shana are still there!! It is gorgeous and part of it will always be home to me.

Popcorn: Good stuff. Like movie popcorn, or air popped with tons of butter and salt. I CANNOT resist the smell of it. Dan hates buying popcorn at the movies, and I think I'll be able to go and just watch the movie - but I always cave. My dad is the same way. Gotta have it.

Panties: Ok, this one is weird. But I love shopping for underwear. The pretty kind. At least I did before I got a big giant ass. I like to buy the kind that aren't comfortable but are really pretty and sexy. God knows I never wear them, but they are fun to shop for. I'm weird.

Pretty Clothes: I love to dress up. I wish I had more reasons too. It's fun just to get out of my mommy uniform of jeans and t shirts.

Public Relations: This field fascinates me. It's what I used to do before I had kids. I didn't have a long time to work after I got my degree and before I got pregnant with Savannah and I sometimes wish I could go back to work and use my brain a little. I am looking forward to working with my dad a little bit and help him with the PR for his new business, Mr. Handyman.

Purdy's: The best chocolate on the planet. Too bad it is only in Canada. If you took their chocolate and See's fillings you would have the perfect candy.


Carolyn said...

Good list.

Happy Mother's Day.

Miss Kelly said...

That was a great list - good job! I do the same with my mom's People's too - they're in the bathroom and Adam and I fight over who gets to do the crosswords.
I'll keep sending them boxes of Purdy's....no problem!

Ms.L said...

Mmmmm,great list,especially Purdy's.
You've got me craving their peanut butter bars:)

Gingers Mom said...

OOOOOHH! I'd KILL for some of those peanut butter bars right now!

Ms.L said...


Miss Kelly said...

Send me a ticket to San Diego and I'll fill a suitcase of 'em for you.

Gingers Mom said...

Mmmmm....you got it!