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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stroller Envy

I had to buy a new stroller. My husband does not understand this at all. I have 2 double strollers, a jogging stroller, 2 single strollers and a bike trailer. I have a use for each and every one of them. But still, I needed to go out today and buy a new one. Because I am vain.
I only have 1 single stroller that my infant car seat attaches to. I bought it when Savannah was born and it is completely trashed. It has seen many a mile and the thing is dirty and falling apart. Very few people get as much use out of strollers as I do it seems. (This pic does not come close to showing how broken down it is)
Everyday we went to the pediatrician this week I felt embarrassed about my icky run down stroller and all these new mommies had shiny new ones. My poor Breydan was riding around in a clunker. My overly self-conscious personality could feel the scrutiny and judgment as these smug women paraded around their fancy new strollers.
So much to Dan's dismay I went out today and bought a brand new one - promising my parents that I would get all unused baby items out of their garage tomorrow by dropping it off at Goodwill. Their garage is currently baby gear dumping grounds. Ha Ha Ha!


Miss Kelly said...

I wanted a new stroller after Olivia was born because my other one was so old and outdated. Then the MAN got involved in it and he ended up (being a typical GUY) spending over $400 just to get The Cadillac of strollers. You're lucky you're able to purchase this on your own!

Gingers Mom said...

Really when it comes down to it, Dan doesn't have much say. :)

Carolyn said...

Tell him it's cheaper than a new car. :D

Ms.L said...


Trailady said...

I think every one of us feels that urge to compare. It's almost as if we equate shiny and new with how much we love. I remember feeling the urge to get baby NIKE shoes & Baby Gap clothes just because some of my friends were able to dress their kids in that stuff. I got over it when I saw the prices. (Second-hand stores are where it's at!) Strollers are a more practical investment and if you could fit it into your budget then I say GOOD for you! But I'm sure Breydan didn't feel at all inferior in the old one. :o)

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Good for you! I went through 4 strollers just with Josh! Jogging stroller, standard humungus one, and 2 unbrellas. I can't stress enough how a good quality stroller is worth the $$$. I keep on thinking that if I just would have spent the money in the first place on a good sturdly thing, I wouldn't have had to spend even more money later on, on inferior strollers.

Even then, strollers get nasty! Especially, if you use them a lot. Babies/toddlers have no control over their body functions may I remind you all!? They will chew, drool, pee, poop, and ralph in that seat along with eating and drinking in it for the next 3+ years. (and sometimes longer if you've got another child) Not to mention, wheeling through all kinds of mystery things on the street as you're walking along.

Craigslist can be a great place to find fancy strollers too!