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Friday, April 07, 2006

Don't You Sass Me!

I wish I could say this post is about MY kids but no. My parent's next door neighbor's recently moved and rented out their house to 4 college guys. I have to say they are a normally a sweet bunch. Always polite and all. Not last night - or really any weekend night since they moved in. As to be expected they party EVERY weekend. And like last night into the wee hours of the morning on a workday. My parents are not the least bit confrontational, I on the other hand have a tendency to look for a fight. So I have gone over there a few times to tell them to pipe down. This morning at almost 2am I had enough and walked next door in my pink duckie pajamas, my dad's oversized ratty coat and a pair of flip flops. My hair was standing on end and I had masacara that I had forgotten to wash off smeared under my eyes. You would have thought the sheer sight of me would have frightened them into silence. I looked like an escape mental patient as I passed by a very drunken and loud couple on the way over yelling, "I just gave birth, shut up!"
When I knocked at the door the party was in full swing and some random person answered the door. I asked to speak to "Harry" let's call him. I waited and waited. No one came to the door although I could see Harry looking at me from the hallway. So I POUNED on the door. Eventually Harry's roomate answered. I was pissed but played the nice card .

K: This has got to stop. My kids can't sleep, do you think you could keep it down?
Harry's Roomate: Oh, I thought we were.
K: Uh, no. You guys are gonna have to keep it inside. I don't want to be a bitch or anything, but this is going on every weekend and I need to get some sleep.
HR: I wasn't aware it was every weekend. It's not ME doing it.
K: Well from now on keep it down after 11pm on weekdays and have a party every once in a while, sure but not every night. Ok? We really like you guys and think you are super sweet and all, but I just had a baby and need to rest.
HR (sassy): Well, this house is MEANT for entertaining. We cleared that with the owners before we moved in.
K: (getting pissed) This is not Pacific Beach (party town). This is the suburbs. Keep it down. Keep it inside. My 3 year old does not need to woken up by drunk maniacs in your front yard. There are neighborhood rules around here.
HR: Well this is something I am going to have to discuss with the owners.
K: I don't care. Keep it quiet.

I feel seriously old. I almost grabbed him by the ear and said don't you sass me child! I should have. Then they really would be afraid of the scary pajama lady next door.


Miss Kelly said...

I'll send Adam down to deal with them - he's good at it. We have a neighbour with a crappy muffler on his crappy little car and Adam has him now rolling past our house in neutral!
Can't you call the cops? People always do that around here. There's noise bylaws up here. Or, in my passive aggressive way, you can write a letter to the owners and cc it to the tenants and have them pooping their drawers.
Entertainment house - nice one!

Gingers Mom said...

Adam cracks me up! That is hysterical! We would call the police, but they don't really respond anymore because they are so understaffed. We are gonna have to do something though. My dad went through the roof when he heard what they said. AND I found out that my MOM had gond over there an hour before I did. The person who answered the door didn't even know who lived there and was smashed. Nice.

DreadPyrateRobert said...

As you know, I went through this with our former neighbors. Call the cops EVERY TIME they have a party that goes after 10:00pm. Sooner or later the cops will get tired of the calls and do something about it. Even if it seems like a waste cuz they don't come out that night, it is recorded and the more it piles up the more likely they'll do something about it. Be sure to be specific and state that there are drunk people wandering around. Public drunkenness is a seperate offense from the noise. If you ever catch the drunks wandering into the yard, call 911. Report that there are drunk people lurking in your yard and you are afraid. That'll get the cops there. Do it even if they only walk across the driveway, start getting the system working in your favor. Also, make sure to file a complaint with the homeowners association each time this happens. Sqeaky wheel and all that...it actually works. I got my neighbors arrested with all the police attention I eventually demanded. Just be consistent.

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)

Carolyn said...

What freaking gall!

Place an ad in the paper for a yard sale on Saturday and Sunday WITH THEIR ADDRESS! List things like nice furniture, tools, electronics, collectibles, etc.

Make sure to put that the sale starts at 7 in the morning but early birds are welcome.

People will be knocking on the door waking them up while they are trying to sleep off their hangovers.


Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Sheesh! I'm with Robert....do anything and everything that you can. Heard another complaint from a woman here in Yokosuka that just PCS'd here from SD. She said her parents decided to move out of the college area because the partying went from every weekend to every night (they had lived in College area 20+ years) Yup, the cops are totally understaffed there unfortunately SD is going through a real ugly patch with the politics, money, etc. We had to call the cops on our neighbors while living there a couple times too. Unfortunately, they (college kids) don't get the whole parenting thing. Don't worry karma will come back in bite them in the @#! when they have kids.

Dianne said...

I think you should go sit outside with Breydan just when he is really pissed off, at around 5ish in the morning. They probally had just started to fall asleep after their drunken orgie and nothing wakes anyone up faster than a really pissed off newborn!!! Just keep doing it and if they have the nerve to complain, just say the baby crys, I cleared it with the owners!! Piss Ants.


Gingers Mom said...

Dianne - that is priceless! I like your ideas too, Carly. Let's see who can come up with the nastiest get even scheme!!

Miss Kelly said...

Ohh...I love the garage sale idea! That's perfect! DO IT!

Trailady said...

Some people can be so ignorant! They owed you an apology for keeping YOU up and shouldn't have argued with you about it.
Today it seems many people are all about themselves- having fun- even at someone else's expense.
We used to have people park at the end of our dirt road when I was a teen. One evening I was baby-sitting 3 younger siblings and I was SICK of all the noise. I dressed in black, took our dog (rottweiler) and an AK47 assault rifle down the lane. I just stood there where their lights would allow them to see me. They freaked & left pretty quickly, but I still kick myself for doing that. I mean, I NEVER would have actually shot anybody and if they had come back armed, we would've been in DEEP doo-puckie. Oh well, don't mess with a woman when she's sleep deprived- it gets ugly real quick!!!!! LOL

Trailady said...

PS. You know what else I really hate?? When people drive by at 2AM with mega bass boom-boom blasting rap music. You know the kind of bass that makes your chest vibrate?! That happened a lot when we lived in Yakima, WA. I had 3 little ones then and it made me want to spit nails!