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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Taking the time to soak it in....

After reading Trailady's blog again I feel challenged to dig a little deeper, take some time to think about things and savor life. She posted about the things that her 5 senses enjoy. So here is my list

Taste: Chocolate of course. Right now, chocolate and pineapple. Mmmm... Popcorn. Spaghetti.

Sound: My kids giggles. Hearing my husband's key in the door. Silence. The melody of an old favorite song. The sigh of a happy baby.

Smell: fresh coffee. Baby soap. Fresh baked bread or cookies. The smell of ANYTHING my mom is cooking. The ocean. Minty breath.

Touch: Fresh towels out of the dryer. A new pair of socks. Dan playing with my hair. My kids hands patting my face to wake me up in the morning. (most of the time) A warm fire on a cold night. Cuddling with my hubby. Holding a sleeping baby. A hot bath - alone. Clean sheets on the bed.

Sight: Daffodils. Old couple holding hands. My kids hugging each other (it doesn't usually last that long before it turns into a choke hold). Dan's face. A new puppy playing. My dad sitting in his chair in his old raggedy "prayer" sweater reading the Bible. (There is something so comforting about that) My mom driving away with my kids. And also seeing them come back is good too.

Ok, so now for a few things that irritate my senses:

Taste: Bananas. Tuna. Spearmint. Fake apple flavoring.

Sound: Kids sassing their parents. People saying "Jesus Christ" when they aren't actually talking about Him.

Touch: People's feet on me. Untucked bed sheets. Luke warm water.

Smell: Bananas - yes they are THAT bad. Cigarette smoke. Unbrushed teeth

Sight: Birds of paradise. Men in tight pants. Little boys with long shaggy hair.

Think about the things you love in life big and small and please share!


Ms.L said...

Cool list! I think I'll do this for my space tomorrow:)

Trailady said...

Hi Kristen! Hmmm, I never thought of making a list of the things that irritate my 5 senses, but here are the things I hate:

Tastes: Red Beets, onions, raw meat, liver, bologna, blue cheese, Acidophilus Milk
Touches: Fingernails scraping or tapping on things, hair being pulled, dental work, unshaved legs, itchy wool, gritty sand in my bathing suit, sunburn
Sights: Old/overweight men in speedos, lumpy women in bikini's, people making out in public gay or straight- it's just tacky- get a room! Faded tattoos or seeing someone with too many tattoos, Bruises & veins, sick or neglected animals, women with whiskers/armpit hair
Smells: farts, feet, dirty litterbox, morning breath, pigs, mold/mildew, singed hair
Sounds: Speed/Death Metal, Pimp Rap, fingernails on chalkboard, cats fighting, cursing, the sound you hear when someone's head hits the floor, gunshots.

DreadPyrateRobert said...

Alright, I'll give it a try.

Good - Spaghetti sauce, Salsa, Basically anything saucy made out of tomatos, MEAT
Bad - Salmon(AARGH), Apples(especially anything baked w/ apple)

Good - Massage from my wife, Bed after a long day, my chair
Bad - Vasectomy(sorry, I'm still bitter about this one), Hair cuts(I hate getting my hair cut more than anything I can think of)

I'm really limited in this category after having had my nose broken four times, but...
Good - Bacon, Rain
Bad - Diapers
I think that's everything I can smell with any consistency.

Good - My boys' laughter, Elvis, Rainbow Connection(Its my ringtone for my wife)
Bad - Rap(ANY Rap), that creepy overused Law & Order sound, the silence before the big scream when my boy get hurt

Good - My wife's smile(Its perfect), A cool drawing of Superman(Tell me he's not supercool), Rainclouds
Bad - Sunshine penetrating an otherwise perfectly overcast or rainy day(I have ALWAYS hated that - It makes me moody), Blood(I have to cut myself three times a day - sucks)

Robert aka Big Brothe(Who is in fact watching you)

Gingers Mom said...

I love the vasectomy thing. Sorry - that made me laugh. Just don't tell Dan. tell him it tickles.

Carly-Ann said...

I really liked this post, Kristin. I think I might copy it.

Gingers Mom said...

It's fun to think about isn't it? I've ready my list of things my senses do like over and over again - it just makes me feel good.

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