We can do it

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ok, so I didn' t really explain the whole Buzz Lightyear thing. That's because I'm not really sure how. Dan has an interesting mind - very creative. It has taken me years to figure out his sense of romance, but I have definitely learned to appreciate it. Silliness is his highest form of love and romance. If he can be silly with you - it is a sign of great affection. Most women look for flowers and candlelit dinners. Although that is nice occasionally, here are a few things that my husband does for me that lets me know that he still loves me. Try not to swoon, ladies...

1. He calls me weird names like Boogie and Applemaggot. One of his original ideas of how to propose to me was to do it at the Padres game on the scoreboard "Marry me, Applemaggot."

2. He draws silly, bizarre and often dirty stick figure cartoons in all of my cards and notes rather than a mushy message.

3. When he feels extra mushy, he rubs my nose with his finger.

4. When he compliments me he follows it up with something perverse or teasing. He just can't stay serious too long.

5. When he is deployed, I send him love letters and homemade goodies. He sent me a video documentary of his ship. But to him, that was heartfelt romance.

6. When I am sick, he is irritatable and cranky. He just misses me.

7. When we go to the movies he lets me get popcorn even though he hates to do that. He's like that guy on the credit card commercial who is saving for retirement at the age of six...have you seen that one?

8. When he proposed he used Buzz Lightyear - because I liked that movie and it made the moment just a little bit silly...or more romantic in his eyes. I loved it.

9. He says he loves EVERY time we talk - at least twice. You can't go wrong there.

He's weird, but he's mine. I've learned to read between the lines, and I never have to doubt that this man loves me. Compliments and mushiness embarrass him and make him uncomfortable. The best way I can make him feel loved is to get up in the morning and pack him a lunch. Because to him, my pb&j just tastes better.


Miss Kelly said...

That's so sweet. I must go vomit now.

Gingers Mom said...

Hey, I coulda been like my sister in law who gushes about how sweet and romantic my brother is. It's gross. What's so sicky sweet about dirty stick figures?