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Friday, March 31, 2006

My little man

Well, he actually made his way out finally. Breydan is doing great. We have had some stuggles with his bilirubin count - jaundice. We have had to take him back to the hospital every day this week for blood tests. His level right now is almost 18 - we want it to go way down. After 20, he has to be admitted back into the hospital. My family and I are praying hard and I know that he is going to be ok.
On a lighter note, I am so thankful to say that I was able watch Dan's face as he saw his son be born. I feel so blessed! It was hard to see him leave the next day, but what wonderful timing that he was able to be there for it. I have to give credit to God. After all the pleading with my midwife to find a way to induce me before I was 39 weeks - and days and days of torture as she stripped my membranes we went in on Saturday and she said"let's go!" I was having a few contractions and was at 5cm. She tried to break my water, but couldn't so we went straight for pitocin to get the contractions going.
Hours went by and NO progress. My family always has a pool going to see what time the baby will be born. As the time grew longer and longer and all of our guesses had passed, it looked like we were going to go into the next day. Now, let me go back to tell you that on Thursday and Friday I did EVERYTHING I could think of to go into labor. Cumin tea, evening primrose oil, walking etc etc. By Friday night I was exhausted and stressed and crying thinking, I only have one more day to go into labor so that Dan can be here for the birth. I prayed and prayed and finally felt God tell me. "Why are you so upset? All along you asked me to bring the baby on March 25th." I wish I had posted this that night so you doubters might actually believe me....
So here we are in the hospital at 10:30pm and the family is starting a new round for the pool - I said "He is going to be born before midnight - God promised me today." And what do you know, I started to progress FAST. Breydy was born at 11:10 on the day I was promised. And I will never forget Dan's face.
Oh, and of course I meant to say he is NOT a Ginger. I got my darkie after all. Brown hair and eyes, and he may not have brown skin, but he IS darker than my other pasty ones. I love it!


Miss Kelly said...

Lovely pictures! And I love hearing about other births.
I think his hair will lighten and he'll end up blonde like my Liv.
I'm so happy you have your little man finally and that Dan was able to witness it all.

Carly-Ann said...

That's a great story. And the photos are great. Your other son looks so adorable and proud holding his little bro. What an exciting time for you. I can't wait to hear more!

Gingers Mom said...

Vincent ADORES Breydan. I thought we would have a little war on our hands, but so far nothing but love. He calls him "my baby" - mommy does not even exist anymore. It's kinda cool.

Trailady said...

WAY cool how God can make things happen when we ask & believe. LOVE the photos!! I hope you are able to get some rest & recovery time.

Carolyn said...

He's absolutely beautiful!


***Double_Oh_No*** said...

Our son had problems with his bilirubin count, too. I'd never heard of such a thing before he was born, but then they explained it led to jaundice, which made more sense.

These are some great pics. I like the one at the bottom with the little guy being all cheesy!