We can do it

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


And so it begins. I have begun to nest. For those of you who don't have kids, that is the insatiable NEED to clean before you give birth. Like clockwork, this happens to me about a month before I have my babies. It started yesterday. With alot of women, this includes laundry or organizing baby clothes. My nesting instincts are never so practical. With Savannah I needed to bleach all the window sills and scrub the screens. When I was pregnant with Vincent I cleaned my entire house and then went to my parents' house and cleaned out their closets because I had nothing left to do. Yesterday I decided to bleach the grout in my parents' kitchen and bathrooms. I decided they don't look good enough yet so I am off to Home Depot to buy grout cleaner and sealer. Not sure my next project....maybe clean the garage?? It is bizarre, but I can't help myself. Dan thinks it is great. His mission is to find some way to bottle this motiviation and sell it to women who aren't pregnant. If only I was such a good housekeeper the rest of the time. I hate house cleaning. It is my least favorite thing to do. But this next week or so I will be scrubbing like a mad woman. Anyone need under their beds cleaned?


Anonymous said...

You can certainly come here and clean but I don't think they allow eggplants to fly this late!!!!
I got that a bit with both but I ran out of time with both of them. Good thing, Adam never had a chance to get used to it!!!
Miss you,

Trailady said...

Cute retro picture! How well I remember that overwhelming urge to redo my entire household before baby arrived. Have fun, but don't wear yourself out. :o)

Miss Kelly said...

Come on up - any time!

Carly-Ann said...

I don't need a bottle of it, I'll just hire some pregnant chick. Looking for a little extra dough on the side???