We can do it

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Sorry I have been out of commission lately. Trying to soak in those last few minutes I can with Dan. Only to be sideswiped by the stomach flu. We all had it and it hit us hard and fast. Usually the night before Dan leaves, we snuggle really tight all night long. Last night we were on opposite sides of the bed trying not to puke. Sexy. That made it all the harder when he had to get up in the morning and watching him pack the car. But I am busy now, cleaning the house for showings this weekend and trying to ignore the fact that I am sad. I let myself have about 5 minutes to lose it, but then it's time to get busy. So that's what I am doing.
You know it is time to get it together when your 3 year old is wiping tears from your face saying, "It's ok mommy. Don't cry, I love you." That makes it easier to get up and move on. So we are gonna clean the house, get in the car and spend the day with Grandma and Poppa. In other words, I am going to take a long hot bath while they entertain my children.


Trailady said...

And people say women are the weaker sex- HA!! I packed a household in 2 weeks time BY MYSELF 3 months post partum C-section with a newborn and a 3 yr. old.
Sorry you were sick. I've been under as well. Hope you are better. Where is Dan off to now?

Gingers Mom said...

He's gone for training in Nevada for a few months. Sucky timing. Oh well...