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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

About Me

Last Alcoholic Drink: I can't remember. I have been pregnant forever.
Last Car Ride: This morning, dropped Savannah off at school
Last Kiss: Savannah at school. She didn't care.
Last Good Cry: Saturday when Dan left.
Last Library Book checked out: Who knows. Some kids book I think.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Hoodwinked
Last Book Read: Parenting Isn't For Cowards - Dr. James Dobson
Last Movie Rented: Must Love Dogs - I didn't like it.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Bastard - when I was watching Gilmore Girls last night. Luke is an asshole.
Last Beverage Drank: Mocha
Last Food Consumed: Part of a Buttermilk Spice Muffin which was taken from me by my son.
Last Phone Call: Dan, last night
Last TV Show Watched: Sex and the City
Last Time Showered: Last night after I colored my hair - because I have to do it myself since Shana refuses to move to San Diego to do it herself.
Last Shoes Worn: Black and pink converse low tops.
Last CD Played: The Wiggles
Last Item Bought: a Starbucks Mocha
Last Download: Some anti spyware program
Last Annoyance: When Dan told me he was tired and had to go to bed early because he wasn't sleeping well. Ha! YOU be 7 months pregnant with a 3 year old and 17 month old alone and try getting sleep. Bitter....
Last Disappointment: Finding out that the doc won't let me be induced when Dan come home for a visit so he can be here for the birth.
Last Thing Written: My blog
Last Key Used: My front door
Last Word Spoken: Night night - putting Vince down for a nap
Last Sleep: last evening from about 11pm - 7 this morning - I actually slept most of the time too!!
Last Sexual Fantasy: It invloves me not being pregnant.
Last Weird Encounter: Hmm... I don't remember
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Dove Ice Cream Bar
Last Time Amused: Talking on the phone with my friend, Stephanie and listening to her kids misbehave. I love it.
Last Time Wanting To Die (figuratively): In the middle of the night when the kids woulnd't sleep and I am SO tired.
Last Time Hugged: Last night, my dad.
Last Time Scolded: Dan - telling me not to spend money shopping while he is gone. HA!
Last Chair Sat In: Other than here at the computer - it was in my car.
Last bowel movement: I'm pregnant. I don't do that anymore at least anytime regularly.
Last Underwear Worn: pink maternity underwear. SO Sexy
Last Shirt Worn: Striped Maternity Sweater
Last Webpage Visited: WorldofMunson - no updates. Again.

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