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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nosy neighbor

My neighbor is bizarre. We'll call him "Larry" - that just seems to fit. Most people named Larry just seem to be a little weird - at least I think so. He lives alone in the condo across from us. His parents, who own the condo live 90% of the time in Arizona and come visit several times a year. They are odd too, but you just have to like them. They have a snorty little pug named Mugsly, and I think that is cool.
Anyway, like clockwork when Larry's parents are coming to visit, the carpet cleaning people come about 2 days before they show up. That isn't the weirdest thing in the world, but I don't know too many people who clean their carpets every 2 months or so. When they do arrive, the "girlfriend" also appears. I never see his girlfriend - ever - unless Larry's parents are in town. They introduced me to her once and were surprised that I had never met her. They have been together forever. When the folks aren't around, there are always visitors across the way. All male. I have never once seen a female go in there except when the parents are here. He came over once to borrow a corkscrew. When I took it over to him, he was having wine by candlelight with a very handsome man. So, basically, Larry is gay I have to assume. Which is fine, but he does go to quite great lengths to hide this to his family.
Don't get me wrong. Larry is super friendly. I just don't understand him. He is home all day almost every day. I see him in the hot tub all the time, and he waves at me from his computer when the window is open. His dad told me that he is a "professional tennis player". I find this fascinating since he is a slightly chubby 31 year old man, living in his parent's condo and never goes out. I've seen him with a tennis racquet twice, maybe.
Obviously, I need to get out more. However, until that happens, I have Larry to keep me entertained by my speculation and criticism.


Trailady said...

Yep, neighbors can definitely be interesting. We've had a few Larry's ourselves over the years. LOL

Gingers Mom said...

We used to live across the street from a guy who probably suffered from a mental disease. He was so nice, but then he would be out in the front yard yelling obscenities to his plants. Seriously. He really liked me, which was scary and was always concerned that I was in labor and that my husband had left without me. It keeps life interesting.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Ah, nothing like living in OB. I figure that anyone who's lived in San Diego should spend a few months living in that community! I miss being the nosey neighbor. They are all very quiet and speek Japanese....so, I have to reley on any gossip that I hear from on base.

Carly said...

I've got one of those. Weird Dad lives below me with Weird Boy and his daughter who has, unfrotunately never given me any reason to mock her. She actually seems sweet. Given the men that surround her, she's probably up to no good, but she seems so nice I can't even speculate on what creepy things she might be doing. Drat!

And I'd just like to take a moment to say that I really enjoy reading your posts and I'm happy you've taken your blog more seriously than *ahem* the friend that we have in common. Keep it up!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hi Kristin

I'm saving your blog. It's nice to find someone who wants others to know God.

Gingers Mom said...

Hi Gabrielle,
Your blog is very passionate and poignant. I like to see others just putting their faith out there like that. The world needs more people who are willing to stand for God and what we believe in.

Miss Kelly said...

My neighbourhood is weird and I don't know any of my neighbours. I live on a very "ethnic" street and I think every single house has a basement suite with a separate family living downstairs, so of course there is always an abundance of cars parked in the cul-de-sac. And I know there is a grow-op somewhere around here, I can smell that "skunky" smell on a clear night with the fresh smell of bounce in the dryer to try to cover it.

LauRa said...

You should read about the petty crap *I've* had to put up with. Haha...!