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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beware the Red Beast

Beware the Red Beast. These words are often heard around our family and it is wise for you to take heed. Let me introduce you to our Red Beast aka Savannah. She is 3 years old. From the day she was born she lived up to every reputation that a redhead holds. She is feisty, saucy and has a mind of her own.
On the day she was born, and they laid her on my chest, we all stared a little closer. Does she have RED hair? Little did we know what laid in store for us in this tiny little package. It took 2 whole years before we got her out of our bed at night and into her own. I don't think she EVER slept a single night in her crib. She was a puker too. Randomly and without warning, my sweet angelic darling would projectile vomit like the exorcist baby. This too lasted until she was 2. Thank God she finally outgrew this stage.
She LOVES to be naked (or nay-nake as she used to call it) and it is the rare day that I don't have to remind her about our panty rule. Everyone in this house has to wear panties. And occasionally I have to remind her that the panties must be worn on her bum and not her head.
Savannah is a sweet little girl with the brightest smile you will ever see. She says "I love you" at least a dozen times a day and in the morning she climbs in bed with me and says "I missed you".
Savannah is excited to be a big sister again. She sings "like a mermaid" to my belly and insists that we name him Jesus. Maybe she thinks if we do that, we'll have Christmas more than once a year. It has taken a while, but she only beats up her brother Vincent about twice a day and loves him dearly the rest of the time. Don't even joke about leaving him behind - the Red Beast will get you.
You may think that you live in a house that is your own, but really Savannah will decide who owns it. We live in "Mommy's House". If it is ever called anything but that, the Red Beast will appear and arguing only makes it worse. (FYI, if you ask her, daddy lives at work. Hmmm...) My brother Kevin's house is "Tia's House" and he is to this day offended and will argue with her until his face turns blue. Trust me, you don't want to anger the Red Beast. She is growing up fast and I see and hear her losing her babyish ways everyday. Band-aids are no longer called "owie bunnies" and naked is now "naked" even though it is still a state of being, and butter is no longer called "buddermere". It is sad to see her grow up so very fast. But I love the little girl that she is becoming and I am so proud.


Miss Kelly said...

What do you expect from a kid that has a mother that always wore HER underwear on her head?

Carly-Ann said...

She is so cute. And hysterical! I love the Jesus part. Maybe she's onto something...

Trailady said...

What a little sweetie-poo! Redheads are great. ;o) I have 2 red-head daughters and I'm red as well.