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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baby #3

The first time I was pregnant I made the unfortunate mistake of actually asking the opinion of strangers about the baby names I was considering. I ended up with a lot of hormonal tears and hurt feelings. Third time around I realize, I don't really care if someone doesn't like the names I am choosing from because ulitmately it is my decision and I happen LOVE both of my children's names. Having said that, I am going to toss out to you some of the names we are considering for our newest addition. In no particular order:

1. Landon
2. Jameson
3. Breydan
4. Brighton
5. Levi
6. Jackson Taylor

We have already chosen the middle name (which I will not reveal at this time) and is included in this list. One name is definitely NOT a consideration, but I put on here because I want to taunt my mother who adores the name. Feel free to guess our favorites, tell me your own or make observations. Just remember if you have something mean to say, I DO have alot of hormones running through my body and I cannot be held responsible for my response.
Final results will be revealed approximately April 3rd. (If we have actually chosen by then)


Miss Kelly said...

You already know I am totally all for LANDON. Love it!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

I like Levi, it's easy and uncomplicated to say when he gets into trouble later down the line! Brighton is also very sweet and Savannah and Vincent could vocalize that one fairly easy....it may sound like Bite-ton. Anyway, I love all the names. I can't wait to hear what you decide upon. Oh yeah, I LOVED your Beast Blog. Hilarious.

Carly-Ann said...

I *love* the name Levi. I would totally consider it myself. I also like Jackson. The others just seem kind of pretentious to me and it's hard to imagine a child carrying them.

Mom said...

Brat Child. Jackson is the BEST!

Gingers Mom said...

I really love Jackson too. My husband vetoed it right away. My mom has been after him for 3 years now trying to change his mind. No such luck.

DreadPyrateRobert said...

Well, I particularly like Landon. However, any of them are cool...except Breydan...Da Gell? Is that even a name? What would you call him for short? Braid??? Boy get beat up all de time!

Still...with no bias whatsoever its entirely up to you.

Love ya,

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)